When Bad Things Happen to Good People

By   •   February 24, 2011

Two years ago, James Merritt hit on a topic in his sermons that struck a cord with his congregation. The series was called “Average Joe” and it was a journey through the life of Joseph. He will take guests at The Cove on this journey during his seminar March 29-31.

He believes this particular message is one that is needed more than ever. “Everyone is treated unfairly at some point in their lives,” said Merritt. “Sometimes, you’re the one with the seniority at the company, but got let go. Or, you and your buddy applied to the same school and he got in, but you didn’t. These types of situations are part of the human condition.”

The first session will explore those times when we get what we feel we don’t deserve–just as Joseph, who was sold into slavery and later accused of wrong doing by Potiphar’s wife. In the next session, he will address what we do when our dreams come true–when we think we do get what you think you deserve.

But how do we treat others if they are the ones who put us in those less than favorable situations? In another session, Merritt will walk the audience through the scene where Joseph met his brothers after so many years and had the opportunity to get revenge, but didn’t.

Merritt will conclude the seminar by talking through Romans 8:28, Scripture that speaks about God’s best for us, even in tough situations.

“I want the seminar participants to walk away with this thought: How would my life change if I walked with the belief that God in is control of everything and will take everything and use it for my good?” he said. “We tend to think that peace is the absence of problems, but peace is the presence of Jesus. If you believe that God is in control, your response to situations will be radically different.”

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James Merritt is the senior pastor of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia, and CEO/host of the international broadcast ministry Touching Lives. He is also an author and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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  1. Booni says:

    In our unfortunate situation when we try to please God only, and even if the evil one blocked our ways, we should take as Israel (Jacob Did (Genesis 43:13-14)…As for me, if I am bereaved, I am bereaved.” but he found Joseph the ruler of Egypt, and was comforted there later when he agreed to send Benjamin to Egypt..

  2. IRFAN says:

    i wanted you to pray for my family , we have to pay debt. God help us to put off this burden soon. Irfan, Pakistan