The Miracle of Life

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hand holding a baby's hand

There is a language in nature that speaks of the existence of God. It is the language of order, beauty, perfection, and intelligence. Some time ago a scientist told me that when he gave serious thought to the majestic order of the universe and its obedience to unchanging law, he could not help but believe in God. He had become aware that God was speaking through nature.

God speaks in the certainty and regularity of the seasons; in the precision of the movements of the sun, the moon, and the stars; in the regular coming of night and day; in the balance between man’s consumption of life-giving oxygen and its production by the plant life of the earth; and even in the cry of a newborn child with its ever-new dimension of the miracle of life.

Prayer for the day

The beauty of this day will be a constant reminder of the magnificence of You, God.

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  1. Gayry Schneiter says:

    This really spoke to me and explained well how little boys are a great blessing from God

  2. Zach Rhodes says:

    God spoke to me through this and it is truly amazing. I love Billy Graham

  3. Jim-ski says:

    This is exactly how God spoke to me and rescued me from the hopelessness of a sinful life. The clockwork of the world around me spoke to me that He is real and my only hope in life. Romans 1:20!

  4. King B. Johnson says:

    God bless it!-)

  5. Max says:

    WOW! In my humble opinion today’s Devotion message is one of the best ever. I wake early morning make coffee, do Bible study then step out on the porch to greet the day and am always amazed at the handiwork of my God. Perfect beauty and order. Everything in the universe moves with perfect regulatory and precision.

  6. Gerry says:

    Every man-made theory of creation will be proven false in the course of God’s perfect timing. Also, every knee will bow before Jesus Christ…..

  7. Joyce paul says:

    LORD, YOU are The Light of the world. Thank YOU for wanting to shine that Light in our lives. Cleanse me today so that I may let YOUR LIGHT shine through.Dr Graham is a person through whom God’s Light Shines! God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries! Amen.