Lost World Finds Hope Online

By   •   August 2, 2012

“Can God really take a dirty drug addict prostitute and change me? I feel so hopeless and alone.”

Much like Rahab, a prostitute mentioned in the book of Joshua, the woman who left this comment on a BGEA evangelistic website knew she was living in sin. And like Rahab, it would take turning to the Lord for salvation and realizing that He is merciful to see that He has a better plan for her.

Contrary to her comment, the woman is nowhere near alone. Every day, hundreds of people find BGEA’s evangelistic website, called PeaceWithGod.net, as they question God’s love for them and desperately search for a way out of dire situations.

As debt, addiction and loneliness plague people around the world, God is using the website to offer a message of hope, starting with His unconditional love for them.

PeaceWithGod.net is part of Search for Jesus, an Internet evangelism outreach. More than 3.3 million people have visited the site since it was launched in April 2011.

The online ministry is unique in that it isn’t bound by country, age or status; it can reach virtually anyone at any given time. It has reached a young man dabbling in pornography, a retired woman struggling with health issues and a 61-year-old Illinois man who’s out of work and can’t pay the power bill. Many make life-changing decisions to follow Christ.

After viewing the website and hearing the Gospel, one 18-year-old man from California wrote, “I have accepted the fact of Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Father. I just want to be in His will and do what’s right for the rest of my life.”

One woman, a 28-year-old from southern California, found the site through BillyGraham.org. She saw testimonials from people who made her realize that “it didn’t matter if you … had never met God. It’s not too late to turn to Him.”

The woman is in nursing school and works in an emergency room where many of her co-workers are cynical and pessimistic, making for an occasionally tense and discouraging work environment. A month prior to finding PeaceWithGod.net, she went to church with a friend.

“I never really was educated about God,” she said. She bought a Bible but wasn’t sure where to start reading. She was nervous about the new urge she had to seek God, not knowing what to expect.

Since finding the site and committing her life to Christ, though, she said, “I feel a lot happier. I feel less heavy. I just feel like I am in a better mood … in a better place.” She knows God has a plan for her and started going through a Bible study offered by Search for Jesus.

Search for Jesus also helped launch evangelistic websites in Spanish and Portuguese.

Are you looking for a way to share the Gospel with others? The Search for Jesus Internet evangelism team needs people like you to volunteer as e-counselors and online discipleship coaches. For more information, visit SearchforJesus.net.

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  1. Godson says:

    Am always happier each day I come to this site ………. Let the name of the lord remain to be priased