Will You Share the Gospel With Spanish Speakers?

By   •   September 29, 2023

Tens of thousands of people are hearing the Gospel online through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Spanish outreach, PazConDios.net (PeaceWithGod.net). There is a great need for volunteers who can connect with people searching for hope.

Would you like to encourage people who are hopeless, anxious, and in desperate need?

As a Spanish speaker and online volunteer with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), you can do exactly that.

Volunteer Requirements

    • Be able to share the Gospel and your testimony
    • Be actively engaged in a Bible-based church
    • Be able to read and write clearly in Spanish (fluent speech is not required)

When searching for answers online, people often come across PazConDios.net (PeaceWithGod.net). The website offers an opportunity to chat with a trained volunteer who can help answer spiritual questions, offer prayer, and ultimately share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Volunteers serve through BGEA’s online Spanish ministry En busca de Jesús (Search for Jesus).

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There is a tremendous need to help people seeking answers online, said Martha Barnes, Spanish language manager for BGEA. “Everybody needs somebody that will help them make meaning of their lives, of God, of everything.”

As the Paz Con Dios ministry flourishes, more volunteers are needed. People can serve from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere with an internet connection, and BGEA provides all the necessary training.

Why Volunteer?

En busca de Jesús volunteers often reach those living in spiritual darkness who may not hear the Gospel otherwise.

One volunteer said, “I cry for people when I think about the ones who will spend eternity separated from God.”

Another talked about the lasting impact of helping others start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ: “All that we do here on Earth will pass away, but leading someone to the Lord has eternal value and will last.”

“Our volunteers know that this life is temporary, fleeting, and that we have a job to do,” Barnes said.

Even though they’re scattered across the U.S. and around the world, they’re part of a team that offers support and encouragement. Area coordinators also check in with volunteers one-on-one to see how things are going—and to pray with them.

Many volunteers got involved with the online ministry to help others but found that they were blessed themselves by seeing God at work in people’s lives.

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A ‘Soul-Saving Mission’

“This is a soul-saving mission,” said Barnes, noting how En busca de Jesús volunteers are on the front lines of sharing the Gospel. “It is a forceful declaration of truth amid the lies and the darkness.”

Before going online, Barnes said, volunteers often pray something like this: “Lord, use me, use my voice, my hands as I type this message to pull someone by your Spirit [toward Your] truth.”

What is Barnes’ advice to someone thinking about volunteering with En busca de Jesús?

“Step out in faith,” she said. “If you’ve experienced the goodness of the Lord in your life and have a desire to point somebody to Jesus or back to Jesus, please apply.”

Apply today.