‘God Used Billy to Change My Life’: Grieving Mom, Divorced Dad, War Vet Share Stories

By   •   June 29, 2018

Since Billy Graham went to be with the Lord on Feb. 21, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has received tens of thousands of messages about how God used Mr. Graham to reach people all over the world.

Below are 10 stories from men and women who encountered the love of Jesus Christ in the midst of life’s worst trials.

“In 2008, we went bankrupt. Lost our business and house. I took it personally and tried to kill myself, but when I woke up alive the next day, I found God holding me. He sent me to the Billy Graham Center Museum in Wheaton, Illinois, where I gave my life to Christ. Thank you, Billy!” —Mary

“My baby died in a house fire in 1969. I heard Billy Graham on television that August. I was on medicine due to my son’s death. When I heard the message that night, Billy said God wanted me to come just the way I was. There was nothing left. Jesus took over my life that night. Everything changed.” —Arlene

“It was spring of 1972. The Vietnam War was raging. My father had fought in WWII and Vietnam. I was now going through the draft. It was becoming a family war. I knew I would die. I had no answer for death. A colonel in the U.S. Air Force asked me to attend Explo ’72 in Dallas. Billy Graham preached. I believed.” —Matthew

“In 1972 I was a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. So much turmoil surrounded me because of the abuse by my parents and the unpopular military at that time. I tried to make sense of things but could not. On a Friday night that July while watching Billy on TV, I stood and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.” —Albert

“Attended a Billy Graham Crusade in 1957. Was having a rough time at home. It saved my life in more ways than one. What a difference his sermon made, and it was the beginning of my journey to follow Christ. I am alive today because this ONE man cared to share the Gospel and make an impact.” —Sherry

“December 1979, with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, hating my life, Billy’s Crusade came on the TV. Because I didn’t have a clicker to change the channel—crying in my beer so to speak—I didn’t get up to change it. It was then God used Billy to change my life forever.” —Flo

“At the age of 13, I seriously contemplated taking my own life. It just so happened that evening Billy Graham was on TV holding a Crusade. At the end of his message, by God’s grace, I prayed and invited Jesus into my heart and life. I am still here today, 54 years later, living for Christ—seeking to know Him more intimately and to make Him known.” —Dave

“My father came back from WWII having been a machine gunner in five campaigns. He would say, ‘Christ cannot love me. I have had to kill so many men.’ Billy Graham’s ministry was the catalyst that helped my father understand how much Christ loves him.” —Tony

“It was like 35 years ago, I was living in a cheap apartment building. I was heavily into drugs after a very nasty and trying divorce. I also had no job with two kids to pay child support to. So my future looked very bleak and dark. I had thought of suicide a lot. I saw Billy on TV and my life changed.” —Forest

“My cousin Todd took me to a Billy Graham Crusade in Anaheim, California. During the altar call I came to the stage where I received my baptism of the Holy Spirit and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol then, but no longer. My life has changed. Now I am a child of God.” —Deborah

BillyGraham.org will post a new batch of stories each month throughout 2018.

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