‘The Single Most Important Decision of My Life’: 10 Stories About Billy Graham’s Legacy

By   •   January 7, 2019

Billy Graham holding Bible at podium

Nearly a year after Billy Graham went to be with the Lord, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association continues to receive messages about his lasting impact for Christ. Below are 10 new messages, as told by men and women who took time to share their stories. You can share your story, too.

“I came to Christ after reading Billy Graham’s book How To Be Born Again. He changed my life.” —Jeanne

“As a child in the early 70s, I had no idea of his impact worldwide and never really gave him or Christianity much thought. Thirty-three years later I was completing a faith-based program for people struggling with addiction. There I found his book World Aflame, and I’ve been on fire for the Lord ever since.” —Carlos

“In 1969, Billy Graham dropped by the men’s store in which I worked. The store was Mooney Andrews Men’s Clothing in Fullerton, California. He showed me a little card in his wallet with my name on it, and said that he had been praying for me. Billy was an old friend of my mom. I thank God for his prayers.” —Jon

“When I was a young girl of 14, I was given the opportunity to sing in the Billy Graham Crusade Choir. At that time I’d been severely abused—physically, emotionally and sexually—for 10 years. For that one week in Chicago, I was transported from hell to heaven. It made an indelible impact on my life.” —Ruthie

“I came to Jesus and was reborn again in late 2017. After watching Billy Graham on YouTube I submitted my heart to Jesus. I have been following Dr. Graham’s videos on YouTube and hope to become a prayer volunteer through the Christian Life & Witness Course here in Australia.” —Garry

“Thank you, Billy Graham. You have gone to a far better place than you have left. You saved my life in Sydney, Australia, in 1959…age 20 years. Will always be eternally grateful.” —Allan

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“I was brought up Christian but became cynical. When a friend died, I wanted to test the Christian faith, so I went to Mission ’89 (in London) and was—unwillingly—drawn forward! A faithful lady invited me to All Souls, Langham Place, and I loved the teaching and fellowship; it changed me! Thank you, Billy!” —Sue

“In 1963 I attended a Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles, California, at the Memorial Coliseum. I was 13, and I was part of a gang at school. I was suspended from school for fighting. It broke my mother’s heart. I was so inspired by Billy Graham’s message that I quit the gang and changed my life.” —Danam

“Born in 1947, raised near Los Angeles. Many years ago, Mom told me the story of her salvation. Sister-in-law took her to the 1949 Crusade after Mom found a babysitter for me. I did not understand until I was saved, and Mom and I visited the Billy Graham Library. She passed in March 2018. Thank you, Mom.” —Bob

“I came to know Christ while watching one of the Crusades on television in 1998. It was the single most important decision of my life. I still thank God for having me turn to that TV station at that moment in time. I am 60 now and never looked back. Thank you for what you do. You saved my life.” —Kimberly

Don’t put if off for another day. Make the most important decision of your life.