The Enigma of Suicide: Answers From Billy Graham

By   •   January 31, 2022   •   Topics: , ,

Suicide has resurfaced in the news after a former Miss USA winner, attorney and TV correspondent took her own life at only 30 years old.

Now, the question of “why” remains.

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What would make a person who seems to have it all feel like there’s no reason to live?

Suicide is a tough tragedy and perhaps even tougher to explain.

When asked about suicide throughout his ministry, Billy Graham always spoke carefully, relying on the Bible for answers rather than his own understanding.

As devastating news hits headlines again, let these answers guide you to the truth about suicide.

Can you give me a reason not to take my own life right now?
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Suicide is a leading cause of death among Americans between the ages of 10 and 24.
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Suicidal thoughts are an ongoing battle for countless individuals.
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Feel like your life is empty or without purpose?
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Don’t face life’s battles alone. Ask God to help you today.