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Does life have any purpose? My friends all say the only purpose in life is to have a good time. But I've tried that, and if I'm honest I'd have to admit my life is kind of empty. Is this all there is to life?


No, this isn’t all there is to life — no matter what your friends say. In fact, living only for ourselves and our own pleasures is a dead-end road that will never bring us lasting happiness — as you’ve discovered.

But God has given us another way — and my prayer is that you will have the courage to find it and follow it, because it alone gives lasting meaning and purpose to our lives. What is that way? It is the way of Jesus, putting Him (instead of ourselves) at the center of our lives, and learning to trust Him and follow Him wherever He leads us. The Psalmist put it this way: “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand” (Psalm 16:11).

Begin by facing honestly your need of God. He made you, and He alone knows what is best for you. Then by a simple act of faith ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and make you His child forever. God loves you, and life’s greatest joy comes from knowing Him and living for Him. God’s promise is for you: “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Then ask God to lead you to a church where you can grow closer to Christ and discover what it means to follow Him every day.

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  1. Rosine says:

    I am very pleased with this answer. God bless you abundantly

  2. Madan says:

    Praise the Lord!! I wanted to know God’s purpose in my life. Though I’m spending much time in ministry works, still God is putting me in testing. Still awaiting God to open doors of opportunities, blessings and heart desires which God promised through his word. Please pray for me. Send me encouraging word to my email. Thank you

  3. Nancy Tillery says:

    My life is a “mess” now. I have lived a wonderful life – wonderful parents and 2 sisters – lived in Dubai, U.A.E. with my husband (now divorced) my fault – traveled all over the world. Also lots of disappointments in my life. I am now 70 years old and lost – nothing is as it was – I have no one to turn to for help of any kind and I am really scared most of my time.

  4. Judith Giliomee says:

    I saw those words, “Then ask God to lead you to a church where you can grow closer to Christ and discover what it means to follow Him every day”. I did that, and I await His leading…….. Thank you for being led of the Holy Spirit, and putting those words down for me and others. God bless you.

  5. Carol Muller says:

    As soon as I realized, “It’s not all about me,” it’s about asking Jesus into my life, Psalms16:11 rings so true “in thy presence there is fullness of JOY,” Jesus, Others, and You is the JOY!

    1. roselyn says:

      The Joy is my strength the Lord is the strength of my life Nehemiah.

  6. Mrs. Marie R. Wieners says:

    I would appreciate messages from you! I do watch you on the TV and also find you on my computer! I Thank God for your ministry! I’m presently living in a nursing home. My Husband and I agreed we did not want to interrupt our children’s lives. It’s just fine here.

  7. Theodore Rahm says:

    Thank you Billy, and for saying this straight from your heart. You have always had a powerful message because God gives you the strength. Thank you again.

  8. Richard McCullen says:

    I am a Roman Catholic priest. The piece of Billy Graham which I have just read pleased and helped me very much. My Thanks to Billy Graham( in Heaven) and to you who sent the piece to me. Yours in Christ Richard McCullen

    1. roselyn says:

      Amen. praise the Lord.