Where Are You, God? Billy Graham’s Answers for Hard Times

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Where are You, God?

In the midst of sickness, depression, unemployment, despondency and uncertainty—Where. Are. You?

In the Gospel of John, Jesus said, “In this world, you will have trouble.

“But take heart,” our conquering Christ continues (John 16:33). “I have overcome the world.”

Jesus is with us, ready to walk with us through the hard times. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy road. But we won’t be alone.

Here are five answers from Billy Graham’s long-established My Answer Q&A column to encourage and spur you on during whatever uncertain season you’re weathering. Click the subheads for related resources.

Sickness & Suffering

The doctor just gave me bad news, a person once wrote Billy Graham, and asked, “Where is God in all of this?”
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Be encouraged by Billy Graham’s Biblical response for someone going through an unimaginable time.
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Feeling Overwhelmed

Realize that you can have an impact even in the midst of a frenetic world.
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The unemployment rate was 11.1 percent in June, and for some, prospects look bleak. Graham once urged a person in a similar situation not to feel abandoned.
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The combination of a global pandemic and nationwide racial strife can trigger a panicked response. Billy Graham reminded his readers, “Wars may rage; power-hungry despots may terrorize; accidents and natural disasters may destroy, but the future is in God’s hands.”
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In all matters, Graham would point people to a deeper understanding of God through His Word, the Bible. Graham once said, “May we store up the truths of God’s Word in our hearts as much as possible so that we are prepared for whatever suffering we are called upon to endure.”

Ultimate peace comes from knowing Christ. Learn about His love today.

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