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My cousin had very serious emotional problems most of her life, and finally they overwhelmed her and she committed suicide. I firmly believe she was a Christian, but did she lose her salvation by doing this? Is suicide the unpardonable sin?


Whenever I answer a question like this, I’m deeply aware that someone may be reading this who is seriously contemplating suicide—and I would do everything in my power to convince them not to take that final, drastic step. With Christ there is always hope.

God loves them; He loves them so much that Jesus Christ was willing to die on the cross for their salvation. And others care about them, as well (even if they have a hard time believing it). Suicide is never God’s will, and even in the midst of life’s worst storms we can look to Christ and discover that He truly is “an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19). The first step back from the brink of suicide is to turn to Christ and open our hearts to Him.

Suicide is always a tragedy—but in itself it is not the unpardonable sin. The only sin God cannot pardon is the sin of rejecting Him. God knew your cousin’s heart, and He also knows that mental illness sometimes clouds a person’s judgment so much that they aren’t fully responsible for their actions.

At the same time, ask God to help you be sensitive to the needs of others—especially someone who may be facing discouragement or depression. Often simply knowing that someone cares will help them turn the corner.

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  1. OneDayAtaTime says:

    As someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts, let me tell you that people on this path imo are a lot less in control than you think. There is something of a chemical imbalance that people who have never been there do not get, and no one truly understands. It is so strange to have been through that cycle – quite scary actually. I did not WANT to have those thoughts, and it felt like what I assume drowning feels like, or possibly falling off of a cliff. We do not understand the human brain and emotions well enough. Don’t judge. You really have no idea. Thanks be to God for getting me through, absolutely. So to those in need: pray, pray LOUD, and seek help. There are good people out there who will help and understand.

  2. nancy c apple says:

    Suicide is not an unpardonable sin but when you stand before God at your judgement do you suffer the consequence of your actions ?

  3. Kathy3882 says:

    Let’s pray that Robin William’s heart and soul was right with God. May he be within God’s loving arms and find the peace and serenity that he sought for so very long. RIP Robin

  4. Mike says:

    I get so weary of life at times and have felt this way most of my life. I sometimes want to kill myself, but I keep thinking of what it would do to my family, and I am never quite ready to risk my afterlife with God. So I keep moving ahead. But when the day comes that God calls me home, it will be the best day of my life. I will have finally won, because I will have gotten out of this world in God’s timing and not my own.

  5. Rev. Jacqueline Evans says:

    I am researching of the Topic of Salvation and suicide for a radio broadcast. This was very helpfu. I have been blessed by the ministry of Dr. Billy Graham since I was a young adult and I truly respect him as a man of God and the greatest evangelist of our time. May God continue to bless him and this minstry as you minister salvation and transformation through Jesus Christ.

  6. Dan says:

    Very glad to hear you realize,suicide is NOT the unforgivable sin. Unlike some ‘Christians’ that study ‘Scripture’ and seem to think it is.

  7. Gary says:

    Sharon, my advice is to immerse yourself in your church. God’s intention for his church is for brothers and sisters in Christ to be a family and help each other as we try to stay on the path of holiness. I am a firefighter and I have seen the horrors that satan can do, and my church family has helped me through some tough times. I want to pray for you.

    Lord, please be with Sharon during this time of tribulation. Please extend Your protection and grace over her and her father. Reveal to her that there are people that love her and truly care about her well being. Please walk with her and show her that as long as her faith is in you, there is no need to be afraid.


  8. Sharon says:

    I have clinical depression, anxiety and PTSD. SS doesn’t believe that I am disabled. If it wasn’t for my dad, I would be on the streets and dead. But I am an emotional burden and a financial burden to him. It seems if I wasn’t here any longer that he would be better off. There is no more family just him and me. I lost my mom and best friend 4 years ago and my only sibling my bro 1 1/2 years before that. I don’t want to e left alone on this earth and I have no way to make my own way. There just doesn’t seem to be many choices at this time. I have never felt more afraid.

    1. Sean says:

      Sharon, I also suffer some very difficult challenges with PTSD from abuse and also I have recently been diagnosed with mood disorder. At 16 I attempted suicide in what was more of a last ditch attempt to gain control over my life, thoughts and emotions that always seemed to control me versu me controlling them. I was tired, frustrated, and even though I know Jesus, it was a very lonely feeling. Don’t minimize the fact that even believers struggle with depression and other mental challenges. It doesn’t make us a lesser people or less lived by God. Most of the time it is simply our illness that creates this “feelin” or perception. We don’t see things the way they really are and the enemy will use it to destroy us if we choose to no longer fight on. The one nugget of wisdom I can share with you I that in my experience, I know that God always comes through so I fight on. He provided doctor that has helped me find. Medicine that actually works. I tried at least 4 antidepressants and I had given up on them because they didn’t help at all. Now I’m on a different medicine for bipolar that actually has allowed me to see through the fog and realize hat MY perception of how God viewed me was nowhere near how He actually sees me. Please, please fight on. God is bigger than this and like me, you have so much value to not only God but also to those in your life. Please fight on.

    2. John Nesfield says:

      Please Sharon do not commit suicide. Your Dad needs you and the world needs you. There is always hope. Jesus will help you just ask. He died for our sins and wants us to have a happy life.

    3. Kaleena says:

      Sweet heart just take every situation and pain to God he cares for you. To us it seems extreamly hard but when we cast all of our cares on him he never fells to come and rescue his children he loves you soooo much and may be he’s allowing you to go through this so that you may be able to help someone in the same situation And it may be hard for your father but it would be even harder if you wasn’t their. Any medical conditions u have Jesus can cure them all just take them to him in prayer.I love my sister in the Lord and I will be constantly praying for you and your father. Hold your Head up God loves you, your father loves you and I do to.

  9. Ben Rosenberg says:

    No comment to make, this may have helped

  10. Michael DiSalvo says:

    This article helped ease my mind