Encouragement for the Unemployed

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In the midst of a pandemic, with many stores closing and companies cutting back, many people are facing reduced hours or no work at all. That’s only added stress and financial strain for those trying to support themselves and their families.

Out of work? 4 tips while you figure out what’s next.

If you’re facing the tough reality of unemployment, know that there’s hope—even if you don’t currently see light at the end of the tunnel.

Let these answers encourage you or someone you know who is out of work, between jobs or unhappy with current employment.

I’ve been without a job for two years, and finally I’ve just given up. Why doesn’t God do something?
Billy Graham responded, “I urge you not to give in to your discouragement, but to keep looking. … In addition, take your free time as a gift from God, and an opportunity to grow closer to Christ.”
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My husband lost his job a few months ago and it has been very hard on us.
“One of the things that often happens to people who lose their jobs, I’ve discovered, is that they begin to think they must be worthless and no longer of any value,” Billy Graham once told a wife concerned she might be “nagging” her unemployed husband.
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I got fired, and I’m mad.
Maybe you can relate. But as Christians, is it acceptable to express anger when we feel we’ve been treated unfairly?
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Would God give me another job if I quit?
“God doesn’t want you to be unhappy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you ought to quit your job, or that this would be God’s solution to your unhappiness,” Billy Graham once said when someone asked this question.
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