The Story Behind “October Baby”

By   •   March 20, 2012

“I’ve waited a long time for this moment.”

The words spoken by a complete stranger struck a chord so deep within Gianna Jessen that she didn’t need a formal introduction to the woman standing in front of her.

“As soon as she said that, I knew who she was,” Gianna said.

The moment took place six years ago, just after Gianna spoke at a pro-life conference. For years, she wondered if this opportunity would ever present itself.

And without warning or buildup, that moment was standing right in front of her. She was standing right in front of her.

Gianna was looking in the eyes of her birth mom, who had tried to abort her nearly 35 years ago. Only Gianna survived that saline attempt.

The bitterness, however, lived on.

“You are an embarrassment to me,” Gianna recalls those biting words that greeted her from her birth mother.

Fighting back the tears, Gianna regained her composure just long enough to tell her: “I forgive you.”

“I don’t want you to forgive me,” her birth mom responded. “I don’t want you to talk to me.”

And just like that, the conversation was over. Gianna has not seen her birth mother since. But she doesn’t hold a grudge.

This Friday, a movie that was inspired by Gianna’s life story will hit the big screen. “October Baby” is about an abortion survivor.

That’s right. Abortion survivor. Two words you don’t normally hear in the same sentence.

Featuring a strong pro-life message, “October Baby” delves deep into the power of forgiveness, an issue that Gianna has had to wrestle with, especially during that short meeting with her birth mother.

This is not happening, she was thinking to herself during the confrontation.   

For all the obstacles Gianna’s had to overcome in her life — she was only 2 pounds when she was born with Cerebral Palsy, and doctors said she would never be able to hold up her head, crawl or walk — she could have chosen to be furious with her birth mother.

“There was so much anger on her side,” Gianna said.

Instead, she decided to forgive, just as she has been forgiven by her Heavenly Father: “Over and over, I’ve chosen to let the Lord define me,” she said. “The Lord spoke to me, ‘You have to let it go.’ “

Gianna was taken into foster care before a woman named Penny, who has been a mother to 56 foster children. Penny’s daughter eventually adopted her.

By age 3, she was able to walk with the help of leg braces and a walker and by age 28 — April 30, 2005 — Gianna completed her first marathon (Boston) then ran another one (London) the following April.

“For me it was huge. I wasn’t even supposed to walk,” said Gianna, who finished in seven hours and 20 minutes. “Everyone else had gone home, but I didn’t care.”

Gianna has traveled the world telling her inspirational abortion survivor story, from the U.S. to Ireland to England to Australia, and most recently Italy.

She talks about issues such as forgiveness and identity and the Lord Almighty who saved her.

“Your biggest fear is that you’ll be forgotten,” said Gianna who has met former President George W. Bush and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. “God’s been telling me, ‘I’m going to define you,’ and ‘you are not forgotten’ and ‘you are loved.’ “

For Gianna, it’s been a long journey: “When your father and mother forsake you, God takes you up.”

And that journey now includes promoting “October Baby,” which will be released nationwide on 400 screens. When first approached about the movie by producers Andrew and Jon Erwin, she couldn’t get away fast enough.  

“I wanted nothing to do with this. I ran from these men,” she said. “It’s hard to be defined by this one thing.”

 Then Gianna watched the movie and not only did she laugh and cry throughout the film, but by the time the credits rolled, she had healed.

Gianna’s single “Ocean Floor” is now part of the movie’s soundtrack.

“The Lord just worked it out,” she said.

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  1. Michael K Mukopi says:

    This is by all means one of the best movies I have watched. The plot is so fascinating and the theme of uncertainity is so well expounded that it keeps one wondering what next and when. Nonetheless, the movie has a powerful message of forgiveness and sublimity of live. Great works but the ending was too soon as the mother/daughter ending is incomplete.

  2. Joel Hudson says:

    I am inspired by Gianna who her parents thought would not even be here. And the doctors said she would not walk or be able to hold up her head but she ran 2 marathons. And to forgive has she did to her birth mother was Godly. And as she said “she chose to let the Lord define her”, something we all should do.

  3. Chris Johnson says:

    Such a awesome reminder of God’s eternal Love and that HE has a place and a plan for ALL OF HIS CHILDREN! I have always told MY Daughter when ever she left the house REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE And GOD DOESN’T MAKE JUNK OR MISTAKES! This story is further proof of that !Thank You for sharing it. God be with You, Mrs. Chris Johnson

  4. Caryl Connaway says:

    The movie was wonderful and very thought – provoking. Abortion end after the 1st trimester should be outlawed!!. You are truly an inspiration.

  5. Linda says:

    I too had an abortion when I was 24 years old, I am not 58. It is something you never forget and never leaves you. What can I do to stop the murder of these precious babies. I just don’t know what to do, I used to be ashamed but now I feel I need to do something and just don’t know what.

    1. Chris Johnson says:

      I think just by sharing your story with as many young people you can is a good start. I don’t Know if your area where you live has seminary in the high schools or not but that might be a place you can share your experience with young kids who could benefit by hearing it either for themselves OR for someone they Kno going thru this.IT is often easier for kids to share w a stranger than a parent or adults in their life.Just a thought.Good Luck & God Bless

  6. Amy says:

    i am so moved by your story, Gianna. You are an amazing beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your story. Amy

  7. Darlene wheatley says:

    Just couldn’t help but think about where there is sin, God’s grace is boundless.

  8. Sandra Simons Falquez Levy says:

    Beloved brother in Crist,
    Thanks for providing this access of information of worth and value.
    Forever Under His Grace,
    Sandy Levy