Our Greatest Need

By   •   September 22, 2009   •   Topics: ,

Alistair Begg, perhaps best known for his daily radio program, Truth for Life, will be leading this journey through his seminar titled, The Missing Peace.

“The Bible talks about happiness in different terms than we think about happiness,” said Begg. “Our need for forgiveness is absolutely crucial in relationship to dealing with a happy life. Psalm 32 tells us that ‘blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven,’ but we often think that happiness means our health is good, our kids are excelling, or our retirement funds are intact.”

Begg says this message is important because it speaks of the greatest need known to human beings – to be reconciled to God.

“I can’t help but think about the story of the paralytic in Mark, chapter two. The paralytic came to Jesus for physical healing (and got it), but he first received spiritual healing through forgiveness,” said Begg. “The man needed reconciliation more than he needed new legs. Jesus set the agenda, not the man. That is my heart for this seminar – to let the Bible establish the agenda for our discussion.”

Alistair Begg has served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and is the senior pastor at Parkside Church in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of seven books, a respected speaker, and Bible teacher for the daily program Truth for Life, which is carried by over 1,000 stations.

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