Hotel Employee Drives Three Hours to Volunteer at Decision America Tour

By   •   October 7, 2019

Christian Life and Witness Course
Tomeka Sidbury pictured with Jason Herring, who led the Christian Life and Witness Course she attended ahead of the Decision America Tar Heel State Tour. While she lives in Wilmington, she’s driving three hours to volunteer at the tour stop in Greensboro—the only event date she has off work.

Tomeka Sidbury didn’t find out about Franklin Graham’s Decision America Tar Heel State Tour the “typical” way. She didn’t hear an announcement at church or get invited by a group of friends.

Instead, while working behind the front desk at a beachside hotel in Wilmington, North Carolina, a guest told her about a Christian Life and Witness Course being held at a local church. That guest happened to be a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) staff member, and Tomeka happened to be free the day of the training event, which is meant to prepare Christians to share their faith during the Tar Heel State Tour.

Tomeka decided to check out the free BGEA-run course in mid-September. And even though she couldn’t get off work for the tour stop in Wilmington, she’s driving more than three hours to attend the event in Greensboro.

Finding Peace with God Online

However, the current Decision America Tour isn’t Tomeka’s first interaction with BGEA.

Two years ago, she stumbled across—an online resource designed by our internet evangelism ministry that explains the Good News in four simple steps. 

“I was in a dark place,” she remembered. “I found myself angry most of the time, hurt, depressed, confused and hopeless.”

Struggling under the burden of difficult life circumstances, Tomeka started to question the faith and the God she’d grown up with.

“I knew who God was, but didn’t know where I fit in His kingdom,” she explained.

That’s how Tomeka found herself searching for answers on the internet.

BGEA’s online resources reminded her of God’s unconditional love and connected her with a trained discipleship coach. As Tomeka progressed through the free Know Jesus course and discussed questions with a one-on-one mentor, she discovered the peace she’d been searching for.

“I’ve been going to church my whole life, so I’m aware of the Bible,” Tomeka said, “but it was different because I actually had a person to interact with me.”

Sharing That Peace with Others

When Tomeka crossed paths with BGEA again, she knew it was God ordained—and she knew she had to get involved.

“This tour coming here is bringing awareness to folks who could be like me—they’ve been in church all their lives but have never had an encounter with God to know that He is real,” she explained.

She wants others to experience the peace she found in a personal relationship with Christ. Thousands across North Carolina have heard the Good News during the first four stops of the tour, and hundreds have accepted Christ as their Savior and Friend.

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Excited about God’s work in her state, Tomeka has been spreading the word about the Decision America Tour—inviting others, just as she was invited. Immediately after the training course, she started promoting the event at her church. In addition to driving multiple hours to attend the Greensboro event, she’s also serving as a volunteer.

“Growing up, I always felt like there was something that I should be doing, I just never knew what it was,” she said. “I just felt like I was supposed to be a part of something that is bigger than me.”

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