He Who Began a Good Work

By Joe Mott, Director of My Hope Puerto Rico   •   June 8, 2010

Sharing Christ With the Masses

20-year-old Melito helps lead a weekly Bible study called Solomon’s Porch in San Juan’s university area every Thursday night. Thursday, April 22 was the first night of the My Hope broadcasts, so he and his friends invited everyone from the building to watch the program with them.

Through the testimonies, music videos and Billy Graham’s message, four semi-professional wrestlers accepted Jesus Christ. After making that life changing decision, one of the wrestlers decided he wanted his fans and spectators to hear about Jesus, too.

He invited Melito and the other young adult leaders to his wrestling match to share Jesus during a break in the wrestling. Melito shared Jesus with the fans, and 10 more people made the life changing decision to except Jesus as their Savior.

‘And He Added to Their Number’

Pastor Santana is the pastor of the Iglesia Casa de Adoracion Shalom (House of Adoration Shalom), a church of about 100 members in Humacao. Santana called the office to report the results of his church’s 10 Matthew homes this week.

The first night of the broadcast there were 34 guests in the various homes that were participating. 21 people made decisions to follow Christ and four others rededicated their lives to him. The second night was equally amazing. Another 21 people made decisions to follow Christ. The final night, there were 30 guests in the Matthew homes.

After hearing the testimony of Yasmin Mejias, a well-known Puerto Rican comedian, and a powerful message by Billy Graham, 25 people made decisions to follow Christ and three others rededicated their lives to Him. This small church saw 74 people make decisions to follow Christ, in just three days!

Make a Difference in Eternity

It is BGEA’s calling to spread the Gospel through every available means. One of the ways we do this is through My Hope. We need your help to bring Christ to the nations. Donate online today to support the work of the Gospel.

Spiritual and Physical Healing

Pastor Fernando Ramos is the pastor of the Iglesia Cristiana Casa de Amor (Christian Church House of Love) in the city of Ponce. 17 families in the church opened their homes to be Matthews for the My Hope project. They hosted 86 guests, and were thrilled to have 32 salvation decisions, and 14 rededications.

Pastor Ramos said that in one the of the Matthew homes, a guest brought her 27-year-old cousin with her who had been diagnosed with cancer. After watching Franklin Graham’s message about the prodigal son, she accepted Christ into her heart. Before she left for the night, the family prayed for her healing from cancer.

The following Tuesday she had an appointment with her doctor. The doctor performed a few routine tests and then said, “What happened to your cancer? It’s gone!” Ramos says she has been faithfully attending church ever since the broadcast.

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