Franklin Graham: Urgent Appeal

By   •   May 3, 2018

Dear Friend,

With your gift, you can share the Gospel message in one of the most secular regions of our country—your state.

Two of the top 5 unchurched metro areas in America are in your own backyard: San Francisco/Berkeley and Chico/Redding. In a few weeks, you can reach them both with the Good News of Jesus Christ. From May 20 to June 5, we’re coming to California to take a stand for God’s truth and rescue as many souls as possible from life and eternity without God.

As you know, California has been at the forefront of the culture war in America for many years. The state’s progressivism is rapidly spreading across the entire nation. Social issues that took root in your state decades ago are now the law of the land. Abortion, gay marriage, gender confusion, restrictions on free speech. Underneath it all, they are trying to remove God and His truth from public life.

If secularism prevails and God is removed from public life across America, His Good News will be censored. Men, women, and children will perish for eternity if we don’t tell them about Jesus Christ.

God’s people can’t be silent—and we can’t wait.

With your gift of $50, $100, or more, you can pierce the blue wall of secularism—not for politics, but for the Gospel and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your gift will make it possible to hold evangelistic events in 10 cities throughout California. Beginning May 20, I’ll share the hope of Jesus Christ, call Christians like you to prayer, and encourage believers to stand boldly for God’s truth.

What will happen to lives across California and America if we don’t face secularism head-on now with God’s truth? Does your heart break to think of the consequences? If you believe, like I do, that it’s not too late for America, please act to ensure that people throughout California will hear the Gospel of Christ.

Thank you for your heart for America. May God richly bless you.

Franklin Graham Signature

Franklin Graham

P.S. Please come out and stand for God’s truth—and bring your friends and loved ones who need to hear about Jesus Christ. For more information, including dates and locations, visit

“How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?”
—Romans 10:14, ESV