Former Vice President Al Gore Tours Billy Graham Library

By   •   April 14, 2010

When former Vice President Al Gore contacted Franklin Graham and asked for a meeting, Franklin said, “Absolutely.” When someone like Al Gore calls, said Franklin, “I’m always happy to see them. Even though we disagree on issues, I appreciate his perspective, and respect him. He’s a very nice man, and a gracious individual.”

Following Gore’s visit on April 7, which included a tour of the newly renovated Billy Graham Library, Franklin took a few moments to share some details of the meeting.

“We just finished the renovations to the Library, and it is fantastic,” said Franklin. “The gospel presentation at the library is stronger. We’ve been able to enhance it. We made changes that will have a huge impact on the visitors in the future. Mr. Gore was impressed, and said he had seen nothing like it.”

Following the tour, the two men talked about a big issue the former Vice President’s heart – global warming. “There are lots of debates about global warming – whether it is true or the science is correct. I disagree with Al Gore as to how we go about solving some of these issues. But I was glad to hear his perspective.”

Franklin said he made it very clear to the former Vice President that God has called him to preach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “As a Christian,” said Franklin, “I am concerned about the planet that God has given to us. We have a responsibility to live on this earth and respect what He has given to us.

“I believe in using all of the wonderful creation for the purposes for which God made it. At the same time, we have a responsibility, we have a responsibility to preserve it and use it wisely for future generations.”

The two men also covered some of the issues in Washington today, said Franklin, “like the demonizing and attacks that both parties participate in, destroying the candidates just because they are on the other side of the fence.”

Political rivals can have a difference of opinions, he added, “but we should not be destroying each other in the process. It seems to be the norm in Washington today. It is wrong, and it will hurt our nation if civility is not brought back into the equation.”

Franklin continued, “There are times when I sit with the politicians, the businessmen and the scientists. It’s always important to interject the Christian dialogue into our society. But, we need to remember the God will judge this world that he made for the rejection of his Son. My hope is that when I sit with any leader, that I can remind them that God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

“God is going to judge nations as well as individuals,” Franklin added. “I want to warn people everywhere I go about the consequences of rejecting Jesus. We have an opportunity today to repent and to turn from sins, and by faith, receive Christ into our hearts. My prayer is that this nation will turn its face to God. I would love to see a revival break out in this nation.”

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  1. david says:

    Dear Billy Graham: I love you for being a man who believes that all men are created equal, just as God says. My mom told me from an early age that you love all men, and that you tried to help Martin Luther and President Kennedy. I love you much. I love you much. David King