Franklin Graham Tells Poland: ‘Hang on to Your Faith’

By   •   April 12, 2024

Prior to Saturday, Franklin Graham prepared to share the Good News of Jesus Christ during the God Loves You Tour (Bóg Cię Kocha) in Poland at the TAURON Arena Kraków with musical guests Taya and Michael W. Smith.

Watch a 90-second recap of the God Loves You Tour from Kraków.

In interviews with Poland’s national media, Franklin Graham, ahead of the God Loves You Tour in Kraków, Poland, explained the importance of preaching in this European country.

“Poland has held onto the faith probably longer than all the other European countries,” Franklin Graham said. “But it’s changing. It’s the secularists who hate God, they take God out of everything.

“I want the people of Poland to know—hang on to your faith. Don’t turn your back on your faith.”

This is the evangelist’s second time to hold an evangelistic event in the country, after his 2014 outreach in Warsaw.

Poland has seen many changes since then, including the ongoing war in neighboring country Ukraine. This conflict has people in this region on edge, he said, questioning where to put their trust.

“Regardless of what happens politically in the world,” Franklin Graham said, “God is ultimately in control.

“Jesus Christ can change the direction of a nation. The greatest need in the world today is Jesus Christ.”

Teaching the truth of God’s Word and the Good News of Jesus Christ is the most important work for pastors, he said, and to inspire members to actively share His hope with family, friends, and co-workers.

“Witness out on the streets, witness in the workplace, witness in the schools, and invite people to come to church,” said Franklin Graham.

“We see secularism, which is anti-Christ, taking hold of governments throughout Europe and around the world. For us as the church, we do not change. We hold fast to the truth. We don’t compromise.”

Watch a 90-second recap of the God Loves You Tour from Kraków.