BGEA Volunteer Leads Three Family Members to Christ

By   •   May 13, 2020

Michelle Bellesfield (right) shared the hope of Christ with her father and sister (pictured), and stepfather during the COVID-19 outbreak. She thanks God that all three made a life-changing decision to follow Christ.

She didn’t give up. For six years, Michelle Bellesfield prayed because she knew God changes lives, hers included.

Years ago, when separated from an unfaithful husband, Michelle’s faith gave her “such a peace,” she recalled. Since then, she’s prayed for her family to experience it, too.

Michelle shares hope regularly as a volunteer for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, and BGEA’s 24-hour Prayer Line.

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Several people had been on Michelle’s heart, but especially her dad, sister and stepdad. She’d sometimes bring up faith in conversation, even sharing the Gospel with them, but they weren’t ready to commit to Christ. Michelle knew that God would have to soften their hearts.

She kept praying.

With the coronavirus outbreak, there was more time to stay in touch. Her dad, Al Ledig, had been anxious about the virus, especially since Michelle’s sister had been really sick with COVID-19.

Michelle decided to share a sermon to encourage him. When Al, a retired sheriff’s investigator, told her it was “very moving,” she was hopeful. Michelle told her dad that God uses Scriptures—God’s Word—to stir hearts.

She felt the Holy Spirit leading her to ask him if he wanted to accept Christ as his Savior.

Like times before, Al changed the subject and asked about her schedule the next day. Not to be deterred, she said, “Dad, today is the day of salvation. God doesn’t promise us tomorrow.”

Al agreed to go through the “Steps to Peace with God” booklet with Michelle. After that, he decided to ask God to forgive his sins and prayed to surrender his life to Christ.

In past years, the 75-year-old thought he wasn’t worthy to follow Jesus. “She was persistent enough to want me to have Christ in my life,” he said. “I thank God that she was persistent.”

Michelle also gave him a Bible. “Some of the pages are getting a little worn now,” Al said. The Book of Psalms is his favorite. “They make me realize that God is really there for me to help me through life.”

‘I Don’t Have All the Answers’

Michelle has also been praying for her sister, Chrissy’s, salvation for years. When Chrissy and her boyfriend contracted COVID-19, Michelle prayed for healing. Full of questions, Chrissy wondered why God would allow the pandemic.

“I don’t have all the answers,” Michelle told her, but said that “God will do whatever it takes to draw us to Him.”

While they talked, “I just kept praying for God to use my words to get through to her,” said Michelle.

After asking her sister if she’d like to make a decision for Christ, Chrissy said, “Ok, let’s do it!” She asked Christ to forgive her sins and prayed to receive Him as her Lord and Savior.

“She’s been very encouraged and open with me—sharing messages, Scriptures and songs. I can already see that God is working in her heart,” said Michelle.

One More Soul

She also told her family about an Easter service streamed from New York City’s Central Park. On April 12, Franklin Graham and Michael W. Smith shared the Gospel through worship and a short message.

Afterward, Michelle’s stepdad, Bill, let her know that he watched and had prayed with the evangelist to surrender his heart to Jesus. More walls God had broken down.

Three family members have been saved, and Michelle’s prayers have been answered.

It’s amazing, Michelle said, “to know God’s always been at work in their hearts and that He is continuing to help them have a more intimate relationship with Him and grow that relationship with Him.”

“I pray that my story and my family’s story will inspire somebody because it’s been an incredible few weeks, that’s for sure.”

You can have peace, too. Start by praying here.