Where Is Heaven?

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Many people have asked, “Where is heaven?” We are not told in the Scripture where heaven is. Some students have tried to take some Scriptures and put them together and say that heaven is in the north. They quote Psalm 48:2, “The joy of the whole earth is . . . on the sides of the north . . . ” The magnetic needle points north. Perhaps the Celestial City is in the north. We do not know. But no matter where heaven is, it will be where Christ is.

Many people ask, “Do you believe that heaven is a literal place?” Yes! Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” The Bible teaches that Enoch and Elijah ascended in a literal body to a literal place that is just as real as Los Angeles, London, or Algiers! The Bible also teaches that heaven will be a place of beauty. It is described in the Bible as “a building of God”-“a city”-“a better country”-“an inheritance”-“a glory.”

The Bible also indicates that heaven will be a place of great understanding and knowledge of things that we never learned down here.

Read: “5 Answers from Billy Graham on Heaven.”

Listen to Billy Graham’s audio message about Heaven.

Prayer for the day

Living Lord Jesus, the knowledge that You have prepared a place for me in heaven brings comfort and delight to my soul!

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  1. Lynn White says:

    I loved listening to Billy Graham. I know he is in heaven praising the Lord. His son is carrying on his work.

  2. Patrick says:

    Dear Reverend Graham, we will be in the light…for God is light (1John 1:5).

  3. Mark says:

    Our father in heaven knows our deepest longing, to live eternally with Him. We look forward to that day; meanwhile we worship Him, serve and love God and others.

  4. kris nii tetteh mens ah says:

    Where is heaven? A powerful message.

  5. Joe says:

    Amen! Thank you Lord.

  6. Myron S Brown says:

    I praise God for the Billy Graham Ministry, and for what he has done for the world through his ministry.

  7. John Thomas says:

    Jesus Christ.

  8. Edward Philip says:

    How can I be trained as a world evangelist online?

    1. BGEA says:

      Edward, there are many helpful resources available through the Billy Graham School of Evangelism Online. You can get more information on these courses here: https://billygrahamonlinetraining.org/soe/?_ga=2.230769240.614869960.1502065732-1861991230.1502065732

      BGEA Team

  9. Gregory Wiele says:

    Jesus is the Lord. I believe with all my heart that God raised Him from the dead.