Where Is Heaven?

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Many people have asked, “Where is heaven?” We are not told in the Scripture where heaven is. Some students have tried to take some Scriptures and put them together and say that heaven is in the north. They quote Psalm 48:2, “The joy of the whole earth is . . . on the sides of the north . . . ” The magnetic needle points north. Perhaps the Celestial City is in the north. We do not know. But no matter where heaven is, it will be where Christ is.

Many people ask, “Do you believe that heaven is a literal place?” Yes! Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” The Bible teaches that Enoch and Elijah ascended in a literal body to a literal place that is just as real as Los Angeles, London, or Algiers! The Bible also teaches that heaven will be a place of beauty. It is described in the Bible as “a building of God”-“a city”-“a better country”-“an inheritance”-“a glory.”

The Bible also indicates that heaven will be a place of great understanding and knowledge of things that we never learned down here.

Prayer for the day

Living Lord Jesus, the knowledge that You have prepared a place for me in heaven brings comfort and delight to my soul!

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  1. Terry Davis says:

    I look forward to seeing my mom and dad someday. And the rest from all this pain and suffering

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you most gracious Jesus.

  3. Sarah Garrett says:

    Some wonderful answers this morning. Makes me look forward to be being there. Gives me comfort for my loved ones who have gone before me.
    We must endeavor to teach others the way to get there. I feel so sad for the millions on earth that do not know Christ’s love for them and the reward of eternal life in a beautiful place it will bring to them. Thank you Father God for preparing a place for me! Thank you BGEA for your daily devotion and the wonderful lessons from our leader Rev. Billy.

  4. Gerry says:

    More important than where Heaven is ……is that there really is an actual place where Christ lives , called Heaven . We know this for certain because Jesus said so and he cannot lie.