God, Our Helper

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man holding out hand

Turn to your Bible and read the wonderful stories of men who were alone in godless surroundings but who, by the help and presence of the living God, made a marvelous contribution to their own times. Joseph was surrounded by sin and intrigue in Egypt. His master’s wife tried to seduce him. He was tested by imprisonment, but through it all he trusted in God and sought to know and do His will; and he stands today as a wonderful example of the keeping and strengthening power of God in the heart of a man who believed in Him.

Prayer for the day

In the dark days, I will put out my hand and You, loving Lord, will be there.

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  1. Charlotte Henry says:

    If I didn’t have God, I would have no help at all.

  2. kristinzemmol says:

    Encouraging message!

  3. Gayry Schneiter says:

    Also, I am going on my sons trip to washington DC and this is a wonderful devotion to remind me how blessed I am to have my son. I love being a chaperone and sitting outside kids rooms and just listening to them talk about God. Also i have to do a devotion for the trip and i plan to use a billy graham devotion

  4. Gayry Schneiter says:


  5. David Panzera says:

    Every time I feel that I am being persecuted or that some kind of bad deal is coming my way it is a devotion like this that reminds me to flee the selfish thinking that says “poor me” and adopt the Godly thinking that says “You, oh Lord, have me in Your hands!”