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What is Heaven like? Is it just like this world, only more perfect? Or will it be something entirely different from what we see around us? I've often wondered about this.


The most important fact about Heaven is that it will be far more glorious than anything we can ever imagine! When God gave the Apostle John a glimpse of Jesus in His heavenly glory, John was so overwhelmed that he “fell at his feet as though dead” (Revelation 1:17).

One reason Heaven is glorious is because it is absolutely perfect. In this present world we are surrounded by sin and decay and death—but it won’t be true in Heaven. This world also is racked by violence and wars and natural disasters —but again, it won’t be true in Heaven. The Bible says, “Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore” (Micah 4:3).

But Heaven is glorious most of all because it is the dwelling place of God. We can barely imagine this—but it’s true! The Bible says, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them” (Revelation 21:3).

Will Heaven be like this world? The Bible says that in some ways it will be. We won’t feel like strangers; we’ll finally be home. But in other ways Heaven will be wonderful and perfect beyond measure. Why would anyone not want to go there?

The greatest fact about Heaven, however, is that we can go there! Only one thing will keep you out of Heaven, and that is your sin. But Jesus Christ came to open Heaven’s door for us, and He did this by taking upon Himself the judgment that we deserve. Why not put your faith and trust in Him today?

Do you know how to get to heaven? Find out today.