Our Eternal Home

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What kind of place is heaven?

First, heaven is home. The Bible takes the word “home” with all of its tender associations and with all of its sacred memories and tells us that heaven is home. Second, heaven is a home which is permanent. We have the promise of a home where Christ’s followers will remain forever. Third, the Bible teaches that heaven is a home which is beautiful beyond every imagination. Heaven could not help but be so, because God is a God of beauty. Fourth, the Bible teaches that heaven will be a home which is happy, because there will be nothing to make it sad. In heaven families and friends will be reunited. God’s house will be a happy home because Christ will be there. He will be the center of heaven. To Him all hearts will turn, and upon Him all eyes will rest.

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Prayer for the day

As I think of the promise of an eternal home with You and the reunion with my loved ones—I rejoice!

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  1. Elaine says:

    I love you, my King. You are my Everlasting Father. I wait patiently for your coming.

  2. Gerry says:

    One can only imagine the beauty of Heaven. As we witness the beauty of all God’s creation here on earth, it’s hard to comprehend that Heaven will be much greater than that. Then add the incredible fact that we will be in the presence of God himself. Not to mention being with our believing family members again. Forever is amazing.

  3. King Johnson says:

    Beautiful and your special My Hope story just a couple of years back and now of course forever is one of the greatest stories I will ever see God bless you for your living Legacy!) Salvation and everlasting glory is literally right around the corner for us!)

  4. Mary Joyce says:

    Today’s Devotion touched my heart. My parents always watched your revivals on TV when I was young. I sometimes forget to dwell on how we will be together again. I’m so glad an old friend is part of my life again as an aging baby boomer! Thanks for your incredible life of devotion to our almighty Father in Heaven.

  5. Pamela Davis says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful teachings and world-wide ministry… I will truly miss you when it is your time to go home, and will look forward to joining you and all of my loved ones who also have gone before me. God bless!

  6. Rosario Lewis says:

    Come Jesus come. We wait to be with you in this new heaven and new earth. To bask in your glory and be in your light. Praise to you Jesus The Risen Lord. Amen

  7. Gerry says:

    With what God has stated about the beauty of Heaven…. it hard to imagine who wouldn’t want to go there. Yet there are many who remain indifferent and think it is some kind of fairytale. Sadly one day when it’s too late they will realize everything the Bible said is true from cover to cover. I believe what God said, Heaven is a very real eternal place , for believers only. The good news is , where there is life there is hope …. don’t wait join the family today.

  8. Max says:

    And I will be changed from this creature that I am to one without sinful nature singing praises to God and being happy forever. I know not the details, but Heaven has to be wonderful…Jesus said he was going there to prepare a place for me.