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A friend of mine is struggling with growing old and feeling that God doesn’t value her as much as a preacher or a doctor or teacher. What can be said to help her understand that God doesn’t see people the way society sees others?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

People are often introduced this way: “This is Bob, and he works for …” as if where a person works determines his or her value. It seems that only the well-to-do or those who are thought of as “successful” are introduced this way. Yet God does not judge us by success. He loves each person the same because our value does not come from what we do or have, the clothes we wear, the house in which we live, or the type of car we drive. Our value comes from the fact that God made us and Christ died for us. And so, whether we have things or not, we are just as valuable to God. A certain rich man died and the question was asked at his funeral, “How much did he leave?” “He left it all,” came the reply.

God gave all that He had—His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ—because He valued us so highly, even when we did not value Him. Since God thought this much of us, shouldn’t we show that we value Him by putting Him first in all that we do—our family life, our business life, and our spiritual life? There is a song, which says, “Put Jesus first in your life, let Him handle all the problems that come your way.” The actual value of an object is that which is placed on it by the owner or buyer. God has shown the value He has placed on you by sending His Son to redeem you.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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