Billy Graham’s Answers on Making the Most of Life

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Carpe Diem.

You’ve probably heard people use this Latin term, meaning “seize the day,” as they try to stay motivated in life. But when it comes to purpose and direction, many of us struggle. How exactly do you make the most of each day—especially when you feel lost or uninspired?

Billy Graham once said, “We’re never useless if our lives are in God’s hands.” Even the smallest, most mundane tasks can be purposeful if we do them for the right reasons. No matter where you are in life, these resources can help you navigate through the questions, frustrations, boredom or complacency that sneak up from time to time.

For the Tween/Teen

Does life have any purpose?
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Sometimes I wonder if I’m just here to have a good time.
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What does it mean to walk with God every day? How does it happen?
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Moments of Change
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Chasing it All
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For the 20 to 30-Something

To be honest, I dread going to work every day.
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Does everything happen for a reason?
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I have my own life to live, and I don’t need God telling me what to do.
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Heading in the Right Direction
>> A message on spiritual birth and growth

Seeking Success
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For the Baby Boomer/Empty Nester

I laughed when I saw associates go through a so-called midlife crisis. Now it’s happened to me.
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I’ve achieved almost everything I ever wanted in life, but I still feel empty inside.
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It’s been hard adjusting to an empty house. Maybe you have some suggestions.
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I can’t sing or preach or anything like that. Can God still use me?
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Why does God let us make big plans for ourselves, and then make them fall through?
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For the Retired/Senior Citizen

I feel useless. Why does God keep me around?
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I’m bored. I never thought retirement would be this way.
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I used to be very active in my church, but I’m old now and confined to an assisted living facility. I can’t do anything.
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I tell God every day that I wish He’d just take me on to heaven and not make me stay here any longer.
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The hope of eternal life
>> Billy Graham talks about heaven

God has a purpose for you. Give your life to Christ.