5 Answers from Billy Graham on End of Life, Death

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There are so many questions about what happens when we die. How do we get to heaven? Is it OK to be cremated? Do we go to heaven immediately after death, or is there some kind of delay?

These Billy Graham answers and sermons may give you peace about life after death.

Is there life after death? If so, how can I be ready for it?
>> Listen to Billy Graham’s response in this 1963 Hour of Decision radio message.

After I die, will I immediately go to heaven, or do I have to wait until the end of time?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer.

I’m ready for heaven now. Is it wrong to ask God to take me home?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Can I still go to heaven if my body is cremated after death?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer.

How do I get into heaven?
>> Listen to this 1-minute response from Billy Graham.

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Are you going to heaven when you die? Be sure today.