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How can I tell if God is telling me to do something, or if I'm just imagining it must be OK with God, but it isn't? I want to do what's right, but sometimes I think God told me to do something, but later I realize He probably didn't.


The most important thing God wants you to know is that He loves you and knows what is best for you — because He does, He wants to show you His will. He doesn’t want us to stumble around making bad decisions all the time. When we do, we not only miss His perfect plan for our lives but we also end up suffering the consequences of our foolish ways.

What is God’s will for you? God’s will first of all is that you would commit your life to Jesus Christ, repenting of your sins and by faith asking Him to come into your life as your Savior and Lord. Don’t miss this step! Jesus said, “My Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life” (John 6:40). If you have never done so, ask Christ to come into your life today.

Then God’s will is for you to become more like Jesus, by turning from sin and seeking (with His help) to be pure and loving — even as He is. When our goal in life is to follow Him, our selfish and sinful desires begin to fade.

Finally, God wants you to follow Him every day. Pray about the decisions you make; ask if what you’re seeking is honoring to Christ; avoid anything that might make others doubt the reality of your faith. If you aren’t certain something is God’s will, then avoid it. Remember: God’s will is always best.

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  1. Tony says:

    I want to understand what God is telling me to do. My wife is seeing another man that I know is not a godly person. I don’t want to end our life together but I believe I am getting mixed signs and don’t know which way to go. Should I give up on us or should I continue to fight for us. Please pray so that I follow God’s will and that this pain leaves my body and healing starts. Thank you and God bless you all.

    1. Beverly says:

      I am in the same situation as Tony. But when my husband brought the other female to my home to take a shower before her court date, I left the house. We are separated and he moved the other female in right after I left the house. My heart is broken. We have been together for 40 years. He is 69 she is 34, there are drugs and lying in the situation also. I forgive him. I still love the man I married, but he is not that man. I would like to get back together. I have been praying, I want to do what God’s will. Thank you!

  2. Sarah Ramsey says:

    Lord help me to follow your way of life and continue to have faith in the holy spirit of my life and teach me not to sin in your name jesus amen

  3. Confused says:

    Would God tell my husband to give up on our marriage and family? I had an affair as an unbeliever and he divorced me. i was saved 3 months later and we were in counseling but he said God told him it was OK to give up. I have repented and am walking with Christ now. He stated seeing a woman 20 years younger the day after our last counseling and says God sent her to show him to get away. I don’t believe this is God’s will to separate and move on so fast. I am waiting and being still. Would God want him to not forgive me and move? We have a 14 and 12 year old children. I had 5 months of sinning against my husband. But does God still want us to repair our family?

    1. BGEA says:

      That’s a difficult situation and we appreciate you reaching out. We have passed on your question to our team so we can respond as soon as possible.

  4. Evelyn Jones says:

    I was on my job for 27+ years and the Lord spoke to me to retire. I’m 50, I feel good about the decision, but people are saying am I sure it was GOD?

  5. lashana says:

    Do everybody go to heaven?

    1. BGEA says:

      No, not everyone will go to heaven, only those who have trusted in Christ as the One who has saved us from our sins. This site explains how to have a relationship with Him:

      You might also find this article helpful:

  6. Sandra Rechtsteiner says:

    I need prayers for healing because the pain I am having has gotten me to the point of wanting to give up and quit.I have faith and anyone who has chronic pain with no end in sight can give up and I’m close I want to reach over and take a big dose of pills and sleep but my faith has kept me from it so why can’t I feel Jesus healing me. I do all I am told to do but I just hurt .Please pray for me

    1. Yurien says:

      Hey, I will pray for you. Often its not about the pain itself but about what God wants us to realize in ourselves. Stay strong in Him and he will grant you the peace that you seek. I hope that nothing bad has happened to you in the time between these posts. Much love