3 Ways to Help You Hear from God More Clearly

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"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me." —Revelation 3:20

What should I do? God, is that really you? Send me a sign.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had questions like this. You may even be asking some of them now.

We each have an innate desire to know we’re making the right decisions and headed in the right direction. But, how can you be sure of what “right” is? How can you know when God is truly speaking to you? What does He even sound like? What if it seems like God isn’t speaking at all?

Hearing from God and following His will doesn’t have to be so complex.

Once you grasp God’s love for you and how He wants to be involved in your life, you can begin to hear His still small voice and see His hand in your everyday dealings.

Read and share these three resources about hearing God’s voice to grow closer to Him and find peace in knowing He’s there for you.

How can I know God’s will and when He’s speaking?

>> This easy read explains more about God’s will

Does God speak to people in a voice they can hear?

>> Read Billy Graham’s answer on hearing from God

Learn to discern God’s truth vs. falsehood.

>> Start this Anne Graham Lotz Bible study, “How to Know God’s Voice”

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  1. Phyllis Librizzi says:

    Waiting to hear God speak for a new direction in my life. I live in New York and I’m thinking of moving to North Carolina. Praying for conformation from God.

  2. Rev.Dr Garey Mullens says:

    My desire is to do God’s will evangelizing the Gospel!

  3. JOSEPH MUTUA says:

    My desire is to hear God’s voice on a daily basis.

  4. Madison says:


  5. Dwayne Earles says:

    God speaks to me. He puts things in my heart and I smile when I hear His still voice. What He says matches up according to His Word.

  6. Tina Dorsey says:

    Listening to God’s voice.

  7. Adrian Henderson says:

    Thank you


    My experience is different from yours pastor. When I need to know God’s will, I will ask him about that then I sing for almost 20 minutes. After that, I can hear his voice directly or I will get my answer from songs when sleeping, then I will wake up and write my needed answers. Another experience I pray and hear repeated yes or no 7 times. Our God lives .Alelluia.

  9. Chwayita Jaji says:

    Oh yes, I’m familiar with His small voice. I can imagine how He saved me in many things, nearly to death sometimes but He saved me. I believe there’s something He spared me for in life though it’s not yet revealed.

  10. Luri Johnson says:

    My spiritual father, help me get close to God. When I pray I don’t know whether my prayers are answered or not. How will I know?

    1. Osayanmon Oke-Akins says:

      You will experience peace when your prayers are answered.