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As a parent in today's world, I am uneasy about allowing my children to participate in Halloween. It has changed from when I was young. Children are already surrounded with too much darkness. Exalting demons and ghosts as a form of youthful entertainment seems dangerous. Still today I wrestle with satanic movies that I watched as a teenager and I don't want my children to struggle with the same holdover. Am I wrong?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

What once seemed innocent fun is now used as opportunities for darkness to prevail. Satan is the ring leader of this deception and his desire is to drag the world along the road that leads to Hell, his designated place of darkness. He takes advantage of each person’s freedom to choose what they will dwell on and do, and he stands by ready to entice impressionable minds.

What is uplifting about entertainment that glorifies the gore of Hell? When children grow up accustomed to such images, they will often continue to feed on it as they grow. Many people are being enticed by movie posters and trailers promoting movies with dreadful warnings: “Evil breeds beyond … the gates of hell.”

Some say there is no difference in watching a film about Hell or reading about Hell in the Bible. There is a great chasm of difference. When people seek entertainment that puts the spotlight on Hell and its forces, they are inviting a satanic presence into their lives. Images in the mind find a permanent dwelling. Reading Scripture about Hell exposes the mind to the truth of what God has done to keep us from this imposing force. Parents are wise to protect their children from feeding on entertainment that works against keeping their developing minds on the things of God.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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