Easter From Israel With Franklin Graham

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Franklin Graham will deliver a message of hope from Jerusalem that will air Easter Sunday on Fox News and on TBN, local TV stations in select markets, and online.

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On Sunday, March 31, Franklin Graham will share a message from Israel about the victory we have in our risen Savior.

The half-hour program will be shown at noon on Fox News and on TBN, local TV stations in select markets, and online. The special was filmed in Jerusalem outside the garden tomb many believe held Jesus’ body after His crucifixion.

“The first Easter message was preached right here,” said Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “Jesus went willingly and He went to the cross to be a sacrifice to God for the sins of men.”

In this unsettled world, people are looking for hope, he said, and some are wondering if God sees how bad things are—or if He even cares.

In the Easter program, longtime ministry friend and singer-songwriter Michael W. Smith shares his desire for the program.

“I think when people get desperate and things get dark, I think that’s when people go, ‘Maybe there really is a God,’” Smith said.

“That’s my prayer for this special, that in the midst of all the craziness going on, that people will turn toward the source. Jesus is the answer. I still believe it with every fiber of my being.”

The award-winning artist will share a new song, “Crimson Dust,” and perform other inspiring anthems to draw viewers into the wonder and power of the resurrection.

Franklin Graham’s message echoes the greatest news ever proclaimed: “He is not here, but He is risen!

“We thank God for sending His Son from Heaven to this earth to take our sins,” Franklin Graham tells viewers. “Dying in our place, but raising His Son to life.

“This is the hope that we have.”

Will you share the glorious news of Christ’s resurrection by gathering your friends, family, and neighbors to watch this program with you?

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