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You'll probably be offended by this, but I don't think I've ever met a Christian I really liked. Most of the ones I've met seem so negative and unfriendly and out of touch with real life. Why would anyone (including me) ever want to be like them?


If all Christians were like this, then I couldn’t blame you; I wouldn’t want to be like them, either! And unfortunately, this is the picture some people have of Christians.

But most aren’t like this — not at all. In fact, I’ve met very few sincere Christians who were even remotely like this. In reality, some of the most caring, compassionate and outgoing people you’ll ever meet are men and women who deeply love both God and other people. A negative, joyless Christian is a contradiction in terms, because when we give our lives to Christ, His Spirit comes to live within us — and He gives us joy. The Bible says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23).

I’m sorry your experience has been so negative — not just because it’s given you a bad impression of Christians, but because it’s turned you away from Christ. But if you actually had met Jesus, do you think He would have been like this? No, certainly not. People flocked to Him, because they knew He cared for them and wanted to help them.

This is why I urge you to look at Jesus as He is presented in the pages of the New Testament. When you do, you’ll discover not only that He was a unique person, but that He was God in human flesh, and that He will change your life as you open your heart and life to Him.

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  1. Micah says:

    I have no joy. The only two possible explanations I can come up with are that my Asperger’s syndrome and OCD make it impossible for me to perceive the Holy Spirit and communicate with God, or that I’m not saved. But if I’m not saved now, then I won’t ever be, because I’ve asked Jesus to be my savior – many times, in fact, with every possible combination of words I can come up with.

    I honestly don’t think there’s any hope of me ever maturing spiritually and growing closer to God, or of living a joyful, fulfilled life. But, I suppose it’s possible that some Christians simply don’t get to because of mental problems that exist because of the sin nature of human beings living in a fallen world; because life just simply isn’t fair.

    1. BGEA says:


      Know that if you have accepted Christ into your life, God hears your prayers. He is a compassionate, loving God who forgives our sins when we ask Him. Remember that it’s not about how we FEEL inside, but about what the Bible says – that if we have asked for forgiveness, God has forgiven us. Thank God for His mercy and ask Him to use you to bring glory to Him. Also tell your friends how God is working in your life so they, too, might come to know Him in a personal way.

    2. Jayce Mroz says:

      Hey Micah! I just want to let you know that Jesus loves and forgives you! I think simply trying to read the Bible and having praying morning and night or a few times a day could help you grow! Pray for Joy! Praying for you!

  2. Charlotte Korup Andersen says:

    I’d really like to know and find out how Jesus really is both as God and human.