Emotional Moments from Billy Graham’s Funeral Service

04:14   •   March 3, 2018

World Leaders, friends, and family gathered for a service of worship to celebrate Billy Graham’s life and most importantly, his Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Becky Rutledge says:

    There is a special place in heaven for Billy Graham. We were so blessed to have him. He will be with Ruth again. Godspeed Mr. Graham. What a man. One never before him and not after him.

  2. Barry's Bock says:

    Dr. Graham brings so much impact and transperency to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Long live, Dr. Graham.

  3. Victoria Green says:

    My heart is so heavy.

  4. TanyaLaeh Rimando says:

    Truly he was a man of God.

  5. Ailsa Braslins says:

    Billy Graham came to Adelaide and a huge congregation filled the venue. I was a young married woman with an open heart for God, but was tentative because my husband was somewhat against religion. I think he thought I would drift away from him. Little did we know how much more I loved him through the love I found with God. God is love.

  6. Honda Janak says:

    I’ve been so moved these past weeks by remembering the life of Billy Graham. I was able to remind my mother, suffering from dementia, of her confidence of seeing Jesus face to face immediately on her deathbed by viewing a clip from a Billy Graham sermon. She has forgotten much, but not her security in Christ. Thank you for sharing Billy’s sermons on this site.

  7. Liz says:

    Wonderful man who left his footprints all over our hearts.

  8. Hester Middleton says:

    A true man of God.

  9. Lorris Bailey says:

    He will be greatly missed. I’ve watched him on his Crusades since I was a child. I will miss him.

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