Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback Kurt Warner Gives God Glory at 1999 Crusade

03:53   •   January 14, 2022

Kurt Warner dreamed of starring in the NFL. After playing college football and hoping for a NFL draft, he ended up stocking shelves at a grocery store. Four years later, he signed on with the Rams and led them to a Super Bowl victory. His story inspired the movie “American Underdog” that’s now in theaters.

He credited his extraordinary journey to God.

“I’m not a football player,” he said at the 1999 Billy Graham Crusade in St. Louis. “That’s just what I do. What I am is a man that lives his life for Jesus Christ. And all I try to do is, and all I want to do is share His love and take advantage of every single opportunity that I have to share His ministry and His Word with everybody that I become involved with.”

Be encouraged by the rest of his message.

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