Tales of Hope and Redemption

By   •   March 5, 2010

As long as Rapid Response Team chaplains continue to minister to the people of Haiti, we’ll bring you periodic updates from the field. Following are snippets that show the many ways lives are being changed and renewed, spiritually as well as physically.

Breaking All Chains
While encouraging 30 patients at a clinic in Cite Soleil, a chaplain offered a prayer which included the message of repentance and salvation. The chaplain invited those who prayed for salvation or wanted more prayer to visit with them further.

A lady approached, saying, “I have prayed to give my life to Jesus but all of my family is involved in Voodoo and it is very evil.” The chaplains talked to her and prayed that the chains of evil would be broken and her family would come to Christ. The clinic is located on the property of a local church where she plans to worship and be discipled.

Kids Just Want to be Loved
Many young children walk the streets of Cite Soleil, Haiti. Some have no clothing to wear, many are hungry and thirsty, yet they are affectionate and simply want to be loved. While visiting the Samaritan’s Purse Medical Clinic to encourage and pray with the volunteer medical staff and patients, two RRT chaplains were greeted by a group of these street children.

The chaplains read the children a story from the Bible and taught them songs to sing about Jesus. The joy on their faces was evident in their bright smiles and giggles. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

No Translation Necessary
While working at a large food distribution in an area known to be a violent gang infested slum near Port Au Prince, two RRT chaplains greeted a group of young men. The chaplains told the boys, “God bless you” in Creole and told them “Jesus loves you.”

In broken English one boy said, “I want to know about that.” Not being sure of the boy’s understanding, the chaplain clarified what he said. Then, using “Steps to Peace with God” in French and English, shared the Gospel with the young man who asked Jesus to come into his heart and be his Savior.

Love for the Hurting
The chaplains had just gone to bed around 10 p.m. when they received a call from the Baptist Haiti Mission Hospital saying they had an emergency and would like the RRT chaplains to come right away. Upon arrival the chaplains learned that a four-year-old child had been severely burned when a kettle of boiling hot water had tipped over burning his entire left side.

The incredible part of the story is that it happened at 11 a.m. and the father carried his son for 11 hours approximately 10 miles for help. God had provided a nurse specially trained in burn treatment that was working as a volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse at the hospital that day. The chaplain prayed with the worried dad and told him that just like he carried his son, God wants to carry us when we are hurting.

The Living Water
After pumping water from a well in the small village of Tetanye, a chaplain spoke to a crowd of people telling them how Jesus had sent the RRT from America to tell them Jesus loved them. Upon asking how many did not know Jesus about 15 children raised their hands.

The chaplain said to follow him and they sat on a pile of large rocks. Then the chaplain shared with them the love of Jesus and told them who Jesus was and asked how many would like to have Jesus come into their hearts?

Two boys and one girl prayed to receive Jesus Christ. The whole class went back to the well and started singing and worshiping as the crowd grew to about 100 people and again the chaplain shared the love of Christ with all and they sang and worshipped for about an hour.

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