Sendai: A Year of Ministry and Hope

By   •   September 23, 2011

A Resurrection Story
March 11 isn’t the only date from 2011 seared into Pastor Satoru Ito’s memory. April 24 holds equal—if not greater—power. For it was on April 24, Easter Sunday, that his church came back to life.

Jesus is Alive in Ishinomaki’
God uses a pastor with a hammer to bring hope to one of the communities devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Still Standing: One Couple’s Story of Love and Survival
Today marks seven months since the March 11 tsunami and earthquake rattled Japan. One thing that wasn’t shaken or washed away is love. I was privileged to visit Sendai on the six-month anniversary of the disaster. One of the most powerful moments came on the day I met an inspiring couple whose story of love, for God and each other, will forever endure.

Touching Lives Rocked by Grief
A look at how God used the 2010 Kansai Franklin Graham Festival to equip churches to deal with utter devastation following the March 11 earthquake–and how the BGEA continues to minister in Japan through Grief in Crisis training and an upcoming Celebration.

Japan Remembers March 11
On the same day that residents of the United States remembered the horrific events of September 11, 2001, people across Japan memorialized a tragedy of a different nature – the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Tohoku region.

Coping with the Aftershocks in Japan
As the emotional and spiritual needs of a nation mount, pastors in Japan have asked the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to translate their grief and crisis training to help expedite the healing process.

Grief and Crisis Training in Japan
As conditions continue to weigh on the hearts of the Japanese people, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is training church leaders in Grief and Crisis Training and hosting much-needed pastor’s retreats.

A Vehicle to Spread Hope in Japan
In an effort to aid a helpless and hopeless situation near the coast of Japan, Franklin Graham gives an elementary school shelter 30 bicycles “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Franklin Graham Heartbroken in Japan
With the situation in Japan growing dire, Franklin Graham offers the hope of Christ; Kenney Isaacs of Samaritan’s Purse calls it “utter destruction.”

Japan Pastor: ‘They Can Feel God’s Love’
As the death toll rises, cities unrecognizable and radiation fears mounting, Rev. Yoshikazu Takada offers the hope of Christ to the people in Japan one prayer at a time.

A History of Healing in Japan
As we help our neighbors in Japan, we look back at the doors God opened for BGEA decades ago.

BGEA Help is Active in Japan
The journey of sending 93 tons of disaster relief supplies to Japan began years ago when the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association gained trust and respect through relationships with Christian church leaders.

A Call to Prayer for Japan Crisis
As the reality of the situation in northern Japan sets in, the call to pray for Japan becomes more urgent.

Japan: Relief on the Way
Today, more relief is on the way to Japan as some 92 tons of emergency supplies were loaded onto a cargo jet at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

An Emergency Update on Japan
BGEA personnel in Japan are already working in response to the disaster, and we need your help.

On the Ground in Japan
Days after a deadly earthquake and massive tsunami hit the northeastern coast of Japan, BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse are partnering with churches in Japan to bring Christian relief to hurting people.

Help Us Bring the Gospel to Hurting People

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