Our Most Read Articles of 2008

By   •   December 24, 2008

However the year unfolded, readers came in record numbers to billygraham.org — for hope, inspiration, advice and information. The following spiritual help articles were the “most read” in 2008. If you missed one, or would like to read one for the first time, please enjoy!

1. A Prayer for the New Year from Billy Graham
“Our Father and our God, as we stand at the beginning of this new year we confess our need of Your presence and Your guidance as we face the future.”
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2. Rethinking the American Dream
At first glance, the American Dream is an honest dream—it is the hope of success through hard work and education. It is the vision of freedom and opportunity. Still, as we look at our nation today, we see leaders of large corporations who are lost in financial and sexual scandals.
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3. My Moment of Decision: Billy Graham’s Testimony
Have you ever wondered how Billy Graham was saved? Read his testimony and please tell us how you came to Christ. Did Mr. Graham play a role?
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4. Suffering: Why Does God Allow It?
God is still there despite any tragedy you may be experiencing. But why does God allow suffering? It is a mystery.
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5. Tony Evans: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Have you ever felt stuck – as if you had nowhere to go and the life was being squeezed out of you? Have you ever had to choose between two equally unsatisfactory options? You are not alone.
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6. Are You Getting What You Want?
Too many people associate Christianity with restrictions, with arbitrary dos and don’ts, and with negative commandments.
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7. Waste Time Wisely: Solitude
What choices are you making in your relationship with Christ? Whether you realized it or not when you started walking with Jesus, the decision to begin that relationship is only the first in a lifetime of choices.
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8. A Look at Binge Drinking
As someone who is exploring what it means to live the Christian life, you may wonder why it matters if you get really drunk once in a while. Or, you may already know Jesus as the Lord of your life, but struggle with this issue personally. Maybe you are a parent and see this pattern in your kids.
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9. Secure in Christ: Developing a Healthy Marriage
We took some time to go to a local coffee shop and hang out with former National Football League star Derwin Gray and his beloved wife Vicki, who is a registered dietitian. They told us about God’s transforming power in their lives and marriage.
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10. Talking to God
One could argue that prayer is a natural activity. After all, almost every person has lifted his or her voice to pray the most common prayer in the world: “Help!”
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