New ‘Fearless’ Podcast Series Kicks Off This Fall

By   •   September 6, 2022   •   Topics:

Thursday, Cissie Graham Lynch, daughter of Franklin Graham and granddaughter of Billy Graham, released a new Fearless episode to recap her summer and share about her upcoming fall podcast series, “The Elephant in the Room.”

In the latest episode, Lynch tells stories about participating in her father’s ministries—including a summer marriage retreat for wounded service members in Alaska and the God Loves You Tour evangelistic outreach in London.

She also delves into an ongoing concern that led to the development of her next podcast season.

“We see Christian leaders who walk away from their faith or don’t live a life separate of the world,” Lynch said. “Or, just some of our own Christian friends who have walked away from their faith as they struggle with things in life.

“It’s laid on my heart that the church is missing something,” Lynch continued. “We’ve taken our eyes off the cross.”

Starting September 20, “The Elephant in the Room” series will focus on topics that Christians aren’t often talking about, including sensitive issues that may be causing sin to go unaddressed.

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“We’ve gotten focused on all kinds of things, but we’re missing some huge issues. We’re ignoring them for many different reasons that we will address here,” Lynch said. “We’re missing the responsibility to stand fearless and stand in truth—and to stand on God’s Word.”

The series will cover latent issues like social drinking and cohabitation.

“When we talk about the cross, when we talk about truth, it is offensive … because we have to address that we are sinful,” Lynch explained.

But being a Christian is more than just having a good reputation or attending church.

“Our lives are to turn … 180 [degrees],” Lynch said. “We are to change our lives to live separate of the world.

“I hope all of it will be an encouragement to you to stand fearless in your faith in this ever compromising culture.”

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