Jesus Is the Answer for Tijuana

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Tijuana, Mexico, is known as the most visited border city in the world. Thanks in part to its proximity to the United States–about 15 miles from San Diego–more than 70 million people go there each year.

Many tourists are drawn to the city for its bargain-priced shopping or fine restaurants. But there is a dark side that attracts many others. The “most visited border city” is also known as “the wildest of the wild.”

Tijuana was a sleepy little town until 1920 when Prohibition banned the sale of alcohol in the United States. As nightclubs closed in the U.S., they opened south of the border. The city grew, but so did many social problems–alcoholism, corruption, crime, poverty, and broken families.

Though Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Tijuana still attracts visitors for its “nightlife that never sleeps.” And this city of nearly two million people is still plagued by the evils that arise when sin runs rampant.

The answer to Tijuana’s problems is Jesus Christ. Only He can change human hearts, take away our sins, and give us eternal life.

Franklin Graham will be delivering that message to the people of Tijuana during an evangelistic Festival, June 10-12. Festival de Esperanza (“Festival of Hope”) is a cooperative effort of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and hundreds of local churches to reach the area with the Gospel.

Last year in Veracruz, Mexico, 250 local churches came together in support of the Franklin Graham Festival. More than 57,000 people attended the event, and 9,196 people made decisions for Christ.

Christians in the Tijuana area are praying for a similar move of God. They want to see thousands of hearts changed and Tijuana gain a new reputation–as a city sold out to God.


    • That God will use the Festival to change many hearts through faith in Jesus Christ.


    • For Franklin Graham and the Festival team as they proclaim the Gospel.


    • For local churches to be united in prayer, evangelism, and discipling new believers.