Honoring Her Grandfather’s L.A. Legacy

By   •   June 24, 2011

Cissie Graham Lynch was standing on hallowed ground.

At the corner of Washington and Hill streets, just south of downtown Los Angeles, she stood in awe at the site of the “Canvas Cathedral.”

Back in the fall of 1949, Billy Graham’s three-week Crusade was extended to eight weeks on this corner, packing the tent with revival Gospel meetings so legendary, a bronze plaque now marks that spot.

Cissie could only marvel at what God did through her grandfather over 60 years ago, sparking a revival that is hard to imagine in today’s southern California.

“I try to think of the annointing he must have had from the Lord,” she said. “The energy and the stamina to be able to do this … to preach for eight weeks straight. It would never happen in today’s time.”

But in two months of nightly meetings, an estimated 350,000 people came to hear this new preacher, compared to “Billy Sunday” at the time.  

She took a walk down her grandfather’s memory lane a few days before this weekend’s Festival de Esperanza in Carson, Calif.

It’s the first time the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will hold a Spanish-speaking Gospel proclamation in the United States and it’s just 13 miles south of the now-famous “Canvas” Crusades.

Other spots Cissie visited included the Worldwide Pictures Studio in Burbank, opened in 1951, and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, where Mr. Graham was recognized with a star in 1989, right in front of the Hard Rock Café.

“There’s Alan Jackson and Ryan Seacrest and then there’s Billy Graham,” said Lynch, daughter of Franklin Graham, who will be preaching on Saturday and Sunday night at The Home Depot Center. “He was just a preacher from North Carolina who has honored and obeyed the Lord.”

He was there in 1949

Augie Lopez was only 17 at the time, but he still remembers the excitement that swarmed around the 1949 Crusade.

“It was totally packed every night,” Lopez said. “He’d have a simple message but it was a message that would get through to people.”

Lopez, 79, a Los Angeles-area real estate agent, has always been involved in ministry, including serving on the National Committee in the 1985 Anaheim Crusade that drew 134,000 people.

Lopez recalls the same fire and zeal in Mr. Graham’s messages even 36 years later. But throughout his preaching ministry that spanned 26 California Crusades, culminating at the Rose Bowl in 2004, the one thing that Lopez remembers most is that faithful invitation song “Just As I Am.”

“It’s the same song. Everybody knows that song,” Lopez said. “I was so blessed by watching all the people come forward (in 1949). Just throngs of people came in to be saved.”

Please join us in praying for the Festival de Esperanza in Los Angeles this weekend. You can see how God will move by watching a live webcast from the Home Depot Center each evening. Find out more »

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In his autobiography, Billy Graham reflected on 1949 Los Angeles Crusade: “Until then it had not fully registered with me how far-reaching the impact of the Los Angeles Campaign had been. I would learn over the next few weeks that the phenomenon of that Los Angeles tent Campaign at Washington and Hill Streets would forever change the face of my ministry and my life.”
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A Passion for the Lost

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  1. Teresa says:

    I think it's great with the outreach taking place in this area and look forward to hearing more about outreach taking place amongst some of the Indian Reservations as “gangs” know no boundaries.Dona Nobis Pacem~Lord, Grant Us Peace

  2. Ángel Lionel Colón says:

    Psalm 112:1-3 Praise the LORD.[b] Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands. 2 Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. 3 Wealth and riches are in their houses, and their righteousness endures forever. “Billy Graham; Humble Man Promises Accomplished” LORDS' Blessings

  3. Ángel Lionel Colón says:

    Spanish Population in USA is Increasing Extremenely. I'm Grateful for The Attendance of your Ministry. There're a lot of Obstacles like Ruth when she Came From Moab. But she is in JESUS CHRIST Genealogy. Center and South America are Very Attempt to These Crusade in “Los Angeles” Half of US Territory belongs to The Spanish, Like the Midle East to ISRAEL. LORDS' Blessings.

  4. Glen says:

    I am praying for Franklin and the Festival in Los Angeles. To God be the glory for what He has done through Billy Graham and his family.

  5. Sharlene says:

    I remember only to well watching Mr. Graham on my television set in Myrtle Beach, South Carolinan an he was speaking from a live audience from Canada an I was so overwelmed by his service that I got saved that night an I have been forever watching him whenever I could. I have the best Christmas card from Mr. Graham an his lovely wife Ruth with their Red Sweaters on an I wouldn't part with it either. He is the BEST!

  6. Travis Chism says:

    This is awesome GOD is really showing up and helping us through the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST! Thank you LORD GOD!

  7. Dr Kevin says:

    Who knew what was to come. Billy Grahams' faithfulness has produced an abundance of harvest. Many of us have been edified by insightful revelation of the Good News. If there is someone to be emulate; this man is he. Do good works, prepare to do more, and always follow the leading of Spirit by seeking His precious word personally. After the bible the most important author in your Christian library is Billy Graham.

  8. Hollis says:

    One of the greatest men of God of our time. He is humble and Honorable and glad to call him a brother in Christ!!!!!!!!

  9. Alex says:

    Thanks for these articles, I think as you read the Bible you see how the Lord serves through generations and “houses” and families. It's great to see the Graham family remembering their roots and how the foundation for world wide evangelism was begun in Los Angeles.