Graham Family Trivia: Who Wrecked the Motorcycle?

By   •   June 24, 2015

Ruth with frying pan
Ruth Bell Graham was serious about being a godly wife and mother, but she also had a silly, adventurous side.

For six weeks beginning June 25, we’ll post a trivia question about the Graham family as part of our summer email series. This is week one.

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Q: Which Graham family member wrecked on a motorcycle?

A: Ruth Bell Graham.
Ruth Graham decided she wanted to try out Franklin’s motorcycle by herself one day. She ended up going over the bank at her house, wrecking her son’s bike. Thankfully, she only ended up with a few scratches … unlike Franklin’s bike.

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  1. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for everything you and all those who work with you have done over the years Dr. Graham… I start my day with your Devotional and end it with my Bible plan… I can’t think of any better way. 🙂

  2. Tommy Stephens says:

    I saw Franklin on the Tonight show a few years ago. He told Jay Leno how Ruth rode a friend’s motorcycle “down the road” and turned it over. How a truck driver stopped to help. How Ruth said, “Sir, if you will just help me pick this up, turn it around, and get started, there is a fellar at the other end of the road who will stop me!” Lol. Love the Graham family!

  3. Henry allen says:

    I love how the family worships and defends Christian values!

  4. Francesca says:

    So grateful to you for sharing the truth, the way, and the life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and helping me and mine grow in Him. Be blessed. Praying.

  5. Deborah L. Turner says:

    I almost did the same thing to my husbands little 250 Yamaha back in 1973. When I fell off the motorcycle my husband came running yelling “My Bike, My Bike. What did you do to my bike?” Not the right thing to say when you’re not sure if your wife is hurt or NOT. I wasn’t but I stood up and yelled back at him “What about ME? Aren’t I more important than that bike?” He was sorry, VERY SORRY. We have been married now for 43 yrs. We love each other more today than yesterday. Thank you Graham family for all you have done in the name of the Lord.