Franklin Graham: Season of Hope

By   •   December 11, 2013

Franklin Graham

Dear Friend,

Millions of people across the United States and Canada watched the My Hope with Billy Graham program over the last few weeks. My father’s message, The Cross, has been broadcast on hundreds of TV stations and shown in thousands of churches and homes. It will be several more weeks before we know the full impact, but we already know of tens of thousands of people who have shared with us that they gave their lives to the Savior in repentance and faith. Praise God!

One pastor of a very large congregation told me his church had 1,300 small groups that met in homes and neighborhoods to watch The Cross, and an average of more than two people came to Christ in each group. He told me he expected up to 3,000 more people than usual to attend his church the next Sunday. The pastor could hardly believe it.

Since my father had asked Christians to invite unsaved friends to watch the broadcast, he wanted to do the same. He had more than 900 guests for a gathering near his home—politicians, celebrities, state and local leaders, as well as some of his longtime friends and many neighbors from the area. We lowered the lights and everyone in the huge room watched The Cross with my father, and then we had a meal together. By the end of the evening, more than 100 indicated they had made a decision for Christ.

In the few weeks since his birthday, my father has had another bout with a respiratory infection and was hospitalized briefly before returning home to recuperate. As I write this letter, he is extremely weak but his vital signs are good. Our family would appreciate your prayers for him, that the Lord would strengthen him. Only the Lord knows what is in store as we look ahead to Christmas and move forward in service to Him.

I thank God for the thousands of churches who partnered with us in the My Hope America outreach. I am also grateful for each person who has taken part individually, whether by praying, giving, or inviting unsaved friends to watch—some of you have done all three. Our job now is to follow up with all those who gave their hearts to Jesus. We want to make sure they are discipled and connected with a Bible-believing church. Please join us now in praying for these many new believers.

During the Christmas holidays, we’ll be showing another powerful My Hope America program, Defining Moments, on TV. I believe this will have a significant impact. Our purpose is to keep the Gospel of our Lord and Savior in the forefront as we celebrate His birth. Pray that the Lord will use the testimonies and message to clearly communicate the reason the Savior came to earth. The only hope for our country is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is “the power of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16, ESV).

Our plan is to do My Hope America each year for the next five years—we want the week of November 7 to be Evangelism Week across America. We want to continue to produce powerful evangelistic programs and material that churches and individuals can use to reach the lost around them for Christ.

We need your help as we follow up with the tens of thousands who have made decisions and as we reach out to even more. Your prayers and gifts enable us to carry out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations (see Matthew 28:18–20). The Bible says that because of your gifts, “others will praise God for … the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them” (2 Corinthians 9:13, NIV).

May God richly bless you,

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Franklin Graham

A Christmas Greeting from Franklin Graham