Faith and Politics: Should Christians Speak Up?

By   •   November 1, 2022

Many pastors and churches steer clear of political issues that have a huge spiritual significance.

Cissie Graham Lynch is addressing the issue on the newest Fearless episode of her podcast series “The Elephant in the Room.”

“How do you tackle these [political] issues from the pulpit while keeping your eyes on the cross?” Cissie Graham Lynch asks Pastor Gary Hamrick.

“We have to address social issues through the lens of God’s Word,” Pastor Hamrick said, having spent the past 30 years preaching the Bible at Cornerstone Chapel in Virginia.

Lynch recognizes that politics is considered to be an ugly word by many people, Christians included. But with midterm elections on the horizon, Lynch shares about the importance of engaging in politics and standing up for your values.

Although Scripture addresses current political issues, Lynch believes many people in the church have become Biblically illiterate.

Pastor Hamrick agrees, pointing out that “if the pulpits are silent, then the pews will become ignorant.”

As someone who’s tackled controversial political issues from the pulpit, Pastor Hamrick encourages pastors and believers to get off the sidelines and fight for the soul of our nation. He personally chose to defend God’s Word alongside one of his congregation members, Tanner Cross, when he was persecuted  for speaking up against cultural issues during a school board meeting.

By taking a stand, Christians can truly make a difference in the world. This election season, Lynch hopes listeners will not be silent, but will choose to defend unchanging truth in a culture that’s constantly shifting.

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