Cissie Graham Lynch: Celebrate True Freedom This July Fourth

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Cissie Graham Lynch's children in front of the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Va.

As we celebrate America’s 248th birthday, the very freedom we have is in jeopardy.

GenZer’s and others who have enjoyed these rights—including free speech on social media and the privilege to protest—are ready to trade it for a government system that promises freedom but instead silences it.

On this Fearless podcast episode, originally recorded in 2021, Lynch encourages listeners to cherish America’s independence, something many countries don’t have.

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“I believe that we’re fighting for freedom. And we have this urgency to fight for truth,” she explained. “There seems to be just a lot of anger and a lot of fear with all the events that have happened in the last year in this country.”

American ideals of individual liberty, limited government and the rule of law are being threatened.

Truth and Freedom Go Together

Today, Americans don’t fear God the way our forefathers did, Lynch said. While “fearing God” may come off as strange to some, it simply means to take Him seriously. America’s foundation was built on this respect for God’s sovereignty and His Word.

“No matter what cancel culture tries to tell you and tries to tell me, that’s the truth,” she implored. “That Biblical foundation is what drove America to be a light in this world.”

When you look back through history, God’s hand has uniquely been on this nation, Lynch said, because “truth and freedom go together. True freedom is in the truth of Jesus.”

That spiritual freedom is a free gift from God.

“American freedom was purchased with blood. And that’s the blood of American soldiers. And your freedom, the freedom for your soul was also purchased with blood, and that’s the blood of Jesus.”

Find freedom in Christ. Pray now.