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By   •   February 15, 2011

Seeing the Light in Liberia
The man with the red-tipped cane walked up to the counselor hesitantly. With a crack in his voice, he said he wanted to pray with someone. “I lead a ministry for the disabled, but I have fallen by the wayside,” he said. Although legally blind, he could see enough to point to where a shy young lady stood with her head hanging down. “Please, someone needs to pray with her too. She is my fiancé.”
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Setting Hearts Free in Liberia
When 22-year-old Ibrihim heard Franklin Graham speak about the depravity and subsequent repentance of Manasseh from the book of 2 Kings 21 Friday night at the All Liberia Life Festival, he fell to his knees. There was much of the king’s story that resonated in his heart. “My mother and my father were both killed during the war here,” he said with tears wetting his cheeks. “I was alone and on the streets, so I turned to sorcery like Manasseh. And I tried to kill someone,” he added quietly.
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Liberia’s Children Give Their Hearts to Jesus
A great spiritual victory was won today in Liberia as hundreds of children committed their lives to Christ. Some walked for close to an hour. Others waited patiently for specially designated buses to pick them up. All agreed it was worth the wait. Children of all ages poured into Samuel Doe Stadium this morning to laugh with the clowns, dance to the music, and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.
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Franklin Graham Meets Liberian Press
Speaking to a crowd of Liberian journalists this morning, Franklin Graham said he was excited to come back to their nation and hoped that after this weekend, many people in Liberia would be reconciled to their Savior.
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Setting an Entire Nation on Fire for Christ
Inspired by the worship song that encourages Christians to “Shout to the North and the South, Sing to the East and the West,” leaders of the All Liberia Life Festival are passionate about reaching their entire nation for Christ. Liberians churches hosted three rural events earlier this month where hundreds of people made decisions for Christ. BGEA Associate Evangelist R.V. Brown preached in each location, each weekend.
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A Love That Spans Generations
In the spring of 2007, the Lord laid it on Cissie Graham Lynch’s heart to work with one of the Samaritan’s Purse projects during the upcoming summer season. “I just knew that Liberia was a very clear calling,” she said during a recent phone interview. Now, just weeks before her father will travel to Liberia to share the Gospel, Cissie Graham Lynch is on the ground, visiting ministries and telling the story of the people she fell in love with four years ago.
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Liberia: Cultivating Hope for the Next Generation
Years of conflict in Liberia destroyed the very structure of society, leaving its people destitute. But now Liberians are yearning for a better future as they reconstruct their country. This month, the churches of Liberia have invited Franklin Graham to bring a message of hope to this West African nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The effort is the fruit of a growing synergy between Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as they partner together for spiritual and physical renewal in devastated lands.
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Restoring True Freedom in Liberia
Although it was established as the “Land of the Free” in the 1820s, Liberia in recent years has been held captive by civil war, poverty and social turmoil. As the nation turns a corner, the timing couldn’t be better for Franklin Graham to share the hope and true freedom of the Gospel at the All Liberia Life Festival next month.
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Billy Graham’s Memories of Liberia
When Franklin Graham steps to the podium in Monrovia, Liberia, to proclaim the Gospel from March 25-27, he will continue the legacy begun by his father in 1960. Billy Graham preached in 11 countries across Africa, including Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria in January of that year. Thousands turned out to hear him in Liberia, which was the first stop on the Crusade.
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Howard O Jones: Blazing a Trail in Liberia
As the first black associate evangelist of the BGEA, Howard O. Jones traveled the world with Mr. Graham and handled much of the groundwork for the his 1960 African crusade, which included a stop in Liberia.
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Pray for the All Liberia Life Festival
You can add your own prayers for the people of this nation and/or follow along with our posted prayer requests.
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  1. Russell says:

    I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Franklin Graham and his team for the huge investment and ministry impact in Liberia. I was greatly moved to see and hear the thousands of young people eagerly receiving Christ.

  2. Rik says:

    I was the U.S. Marine Battalion Commander for BLT 2/4, 22d MEU in 1990. We were there approximately 3 months evacuating non combatants, guarding the US Embassy and providing humanitarian aid, esp at the Greystone Compound across from the embassy. We saw a lot of heartache and destruction as a result of the civil war. It is heart warming to read and see the recovery and evangelism that is taking place in Liberia and its people.

  3. Robert says:

    I listened to the Hour of Decision radio prog. March 27 here in PA. I am thankful for how God has used Cissy Graham Lynch's visit to Liberia recentlyto encourage the hurting people there.

  4. Maxwell says:

    I got greatly saved the first night of the festival in Liberia.