Cohabitation: A Rising Trend We Can’t Ignore

By   •   November 15, 2022   •   Topics: ,

Cissie Graham Lynch's Fearless podcast is about having a fearless faith in a compromising culture.

“In recent years, I’ve noticed this trend where more and more families are allowing their grown children to come back into their homes and stay in the same room with their fiancé or with their girlfriend,” said Cissie Graham Lynch on her most recent episode of Fearless.

Sleeping together and even living together before marriage has become all too common—both inside and outside of the church. According to the Pew Research Center, half of all Christians believe that premarital sex is not a sin.

“We’re allowing culture to define how we live,” Lynch said. “You can clearly see why most churchgoing Christians are being more influenced by the culture than the culture is being influenced by Christians.”

Cohabitation—like alcohol and politics—is another topic addressed on her “Elephant in the Room” series focused on issues that many churches are ignoring. Some pastors—and Christians in general—are afraid of offending others if they speak up against it.

“It’s easier to completely ignore the situation and not to confront the ones you love, especially at holidays,” Lynch said. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, how can families set God-honoring boundaries for what happens in their own homes?

Lynch shared a situation she dealt with early in her marriage. As newlyweds, Lynch and her husband decided to honor God in their home even if it meant having an awkward conversation with their guests.

“We couldn’t compromise that standard just to make somebody feel comfortable,” she explained.

Lynch believes that God’s standards on marriage and premarital sex are clear, and His truth does not change along with culture.

“Here on Fearless, as I often say, it comes down to our children. Our kids need clarity in this time of confusion. We, as parents, can set that standard,” Lynch said. “It takes courage to stand and have those conversations with our family members and with those people around us.”

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