Billy Graham’s My Answers: Gifts and Giving

By   •   December 2, 2014   •   Topics: ,

Billy Graham has talked much about gifts and giving over his 60-plus-year ministry. On #GivingTuesday, we’ve selected a sampling of Billy Graham’s My Answer columns to share with you as you contemplate gifts and giving today.

Learn to Better Use Your Gift of Leadership: “I believe God was actually working behind the scenes to help you understand this about yourself.”

When You Don’t Have Much to Give: “Begin by realizing that everything you are and everything you have has come from God. Then ask Him to help you to be generous.”

How Can the Gift of Salvation be Free? “We couldn’t pay for it; the cost is too high. But someone has already paid for it—and that “someone” is Jesus Christ.”

God Has Given Everyone Gifts:  “It’s a mistake to think that the only people God uses are preachers or Bible teachers or those who’ve been called to some type of public ministry.”

Accept God’s Christmas Gift of Salvation: “This Christmas, your son will probably receive many gifts from you. But they won’t really be his until he actually takes them and makes them his own.”

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