Trying to Reason With Tax Season?

By   •   April 14, 2021   •   Topics:

While the “last minute folks” among us actually have until May 17 this year, the tax deadline is close. As you wrestle with deductions and receipts, you may be pondering some of the spiritual implications of paying taxes.

Find guidance in six tax-related questions Billy Graham once answered:

Question 1: I earned some extra money working on the side, and I don’t see any reason to pay income tax on it. My wife says this was wrong in God’s eyes, but what does God have to do with taxes? Read Billy Graham’s answer about God and taxes.

Question 2: Is it always wrong to cheat on taxes? I made some money selling something for cash, and I don’t see why I should pay the government when they’ll never know about it. Read Billy Graham’s answer about cheating on taxes.

Question 3: I work in our county’s tax collection office, and I don’t understand why Jesus condemned tax collectors so much. Am I doing something wrong? Read Billy Graham’s answer about modern tax collectors.

Question 4: I want to marry someone in my retirement village, but the man I’m interested in wants me to move in with him so he doesn’t lose tax benefits. What would you advise Read Billy Graham’s answer about financial priorities.

Question 5: It makes me angry to see all the churches, charities and other organizations that don’t pay a cent in taxes, while I have to pay until it hurts. They ought to pay their fair share just like everyone else. Read Billy Graham’s answer about tax-exempt organizations.

Question 6: My uncle claims to be a Christian, but every year he cheats on his taxes. I don’t see how he can be a Christian, do you? Read Billy Graham’s answer about tax evasion.