Billy Graham Prayer Line Callers Find ‘the Door’ to Salvation

By   •   April 13, 2021

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A representative talks with a caller on the 24-hour Billy Graham Prayer Line, one of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s newest ministries. >>Call the prayer line at 888-388-2683.

“I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved” (John 10:9, ESV). Jesus’ words in the Book of John offer salvation to all people. How to find that door, that way to Salvation though, can be elusive for people.

Some believe they’ll go to heaven by simply being a good person. In 60-second national TV ads, Franklin Graham tells viewers there’s only one way to God—through His Son Jesus Christ. Leading a 1-minute salvation prayer, Graham then shares the Billy Graham Prayer Line number.

>>Call the 24-hour Billy Graham Prayer Line at 888-388-2683.

And as the message goes out, hundreds of thousands of calls have poured in. In fact, prayer line representatives answer around 1,400 calls every 24 hours. The need to talk to someone, for prayer and get answers to spiritual questions spur callers. Here are some of their stories.

‘God Is Clearly Speaking to Me’

Mike* saw Franklin Graham share the Gospel on television, and he called our toll-free line. He told our representative, John,* that there’s a void in his heart that he often tries to fill with destructive behaviors. John talked with him about the emptiness in everyone’s life—and that only our Creator can fill it. Mike said he saw Franklin Graham’s ad multiple times, and added, “I know God is clearly speaking to me right now.”

Though he gave his life to the Lord as a boy, he had wandered from a close relationship with Christ. Feeling convicted by the Holy Spirit, Mike prayed for forgiveness and surrendered himself anew to Him, asking the Lord to guide him and make him the man He wants him to be. John talked with him about the importance of regular spiritual disciplines and getting involved in a Bible-believing church. Mike said he looks forward to receiving follow-up discipleship materials from BGEA and connecting with a local congregation.

Do We Really Have a Soul?

Jessica* called with a lot of questions. She has a chronic panic disorder and vision problems, is home-bound, and had recently lost both her father and brother. These pains and trials prompted her to begin considering spiritual matters. She shared that in the past, she received some false teaching that led her astray from truth.

Jessica asked, “Do we really have a soul, and is it eternal?” Taylor,* our staff member, carefully explained what the Scriptures say about God, our souls, our sinfulness, and what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us. Though Jessica was afraid God was mad at her, Taylor shared that God is willing and able to forgive all of her sins. After discussing the truths of God’s Word, Jessica decided she wanted to pray in repentance and faith and ask Jesus Christ to save her. Please pray for her and many others like her who call our prayer line in moments
of great need and distress.

Overwhelmed by the Gospel

Rick* received our phone number from a friend. He shared that he did not know Jesus Christ personally but desired to learn more about Him. He also wanted God to deliver him from substance abuse and other bad influences in his life. Our volunteer, Valerie,* talked with him about Jesus Christ and God’s gift of salvation—and shared her personal testimony of how God had helped her. She assured Rick that God would welcome him with open arms.

Rick was overwhelmed upon hearing the truth of the Gospel, and he said he was ready to repent of his sins and accept the Lord Jesus Christ. Valerie joyfully prayed with him and referred him to our online church locator so he could grow in his new faith, surrounded by a body of local believers.

What Is the Gospel?

After hearing Franklin Graham share the plan of salvation on television, Pam* called the prayer line. She prayed with Franklin Graham but wanted to learn more about the Gospel message. Our representative shared the plan of salvation with her and walked her through key verses in God’s Word. They talked about the significance of surrendering your life to the Lord and what it means to walk daily with Him—especially the importance of prayer and reading the Bible daily. Pam is excited about receiving follow-up discipleship materials from BGEA and getting involved in a local, Bible-preaching church.

He Began Weeping

“I was recently diagnosed with HIV,” Santiago* told one of our prayer line team members. He confessed that he made some horrible decisions in life that are now causing him much pain. He grew up in a Christian family but strayed from his roots years ago. Our representative listened intently and then explained to Santiago that God loves him and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for his sins. As he heard the Good News, Santiago began weeping. When asked if he wanted to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he answered, “I’m very ready!” He prayed to surrender his life to the Lord, and our representative encouraged him to begin reading the Bible, praying, and attending a church regularly.

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*Names changed to protect privacy.