Are There Really ‘Stranger Things’? 5 Answers on the Supernatural

By   •   June 1, 2022   •   Topics: ,

Though fictional, “The Upside Down” alternate dimension in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” might have you wondering—could there be a parallel world where evil resides and can effect our lives?

If you have questions about the supernatural, let these five resources point you to the truth.

What does the devil look like?
“Don’t limit him to the mental image you may have of a pitchfork-carrying person in a red suit.”
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Does Satan have supernatural beings under his control?
“If we concentrate mainly on Satan we’ll become either overly-fearful or overly-fascinated—and both are wrong.”
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The truth about the devil.
“Man has to have some sort of a supernatural power beyond himself to follow. And many times if he doesn’t follow God, the true God, he’ll just follow the devil.”
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Is the devil as powerful as God?
“The devil is not as powerful as God—nor will he ever be. In fact, some day his power will come to an end.”
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If evil really exists, why doesn’t God get rid of all the bad in the world?
“If God somehow took all the ‘bad’ people out of the world, how many would be left? Not very many, I’m afraid—because we all have within us the capacity to do bad things.”
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