8 Answers from Billy Graham About Satan and Idols

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“You shall have no other gods before me.” –Exodus 20:3 (ESV)

Recent news headlines remind us that idol worship is not a thing of the past. People all over the world worship false gods and some even worship Satan. But there is only one true God, and He has never taken idolatry lightly.

Jesus called Satan a “murderer” and the “father of lies” (Matthew 8:44) who comes to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10). While the devil lies and kills, the Bible tells us Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

So why would anyone worship Satan? And is it really a big deal to dabble in idolatry or the occult? These eight time-tested answers from Billy Graham seek to answer those questions and more.

Who is Satan? Is he a fallen angel?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

Does Satan actually exist, and is he a threat?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

Isn’t the devil just an idea people dreamed up to explain evil?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

What is an idol? Is it a physical object, or can it be something like wealth or fame?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

What’s the big deal about getting involved with the occult?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

Do people really worship the devil? Why?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

What does Satan look like?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

Why do some people say Satan is not really evil but good?
>> Billy Graham’s Answer.

Worshiping Satan or idols will always leave you empty. Find out what it means to worship the God who loves you.

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  1. Angela Humphries says:

    I love Billy Graham! I know he is happy at home now with the Lord and Ruth.

  2. Jeff Brecher says:

    God bless Billy Graham. What a great and loving man now with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Kylie Phillips says:

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  4. Kylie Phillips says:

    I wanted to reply to a comment made by Millie. Millie, I don’t know where you’re from, but I work at the Lovelady Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The phone number here is 205-833-7410. We help women get their lives back together. You can even bring your children here with you. We now have 371 women living here and there’s room for you if you’d like to come. Women come from all over. I was a drug addict, homeless, never had a stable place to live, had lost my fourth child from my custody because of these things, and was seriously broken. Jesus Christ put me back together again. I had not had a car or job in 10 years when I came here. I graduated the program in June of 2015 and now work for the center. I have a job, I’m in college to become a

  5. Pauline Dorothy Kunguru says:

    Christians should read the Bible daily and hear from God

  6. Your Name: ADEUGA SUNDAY says:

    Billy Grahams God sent man.

  7. Gail Newman says:

    I too, can’t imagine a world without Billy Graham’s teachings

  8. Fatima Brum says:

    I just pray for the ones that worship does things so God can make them see

  9. Katherine chatham says:

    Satan is the great deceiver. I believe many follow him because they have been deceived into thinking that he will give them all…when he is truly taking all. We are in the last days and will see more of this. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.